2009: Climate Change is Still Controversial!

Only one more year to go before we wrap up the first decade of the third millennia. Al Gore, who lost the presidency in 2000, has since become a fierce advocate of Global Warming. He has “shown the light” to industrialized America, and today the greater part of the scientific community backs his position.

Yet the debate rages on. While many conceive Global Warming as an undeniable fact, many others call it a panic scare and a steady trend of populist disinformation.

Still others agree Global Warming is happening, but refuse to put the blame on carbon dioxide or other man-made activity.

An example of this ongoing debate would be the different interpretation of statistical data. When one side claims that this is turning out to be the warmest decade in recorded history, the other side points to the fact that 2008 has been the coldest year this decade.

There’s no doubt this seemingly-scientific debate has immense political and economical implications, and this web of interests make “objective truth” to be quite subjective.

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