5 Feng Shui Tips for a Harmonious Thanksgiving

Feng Shui tips for the holiday seasonNothing spells potential family conflicts than week-long cooking and preparations, the kids coming home from college, the in-laws flying in from out of state, the men off in the living room watching football, the younger children running and yelling throughout the house and then having the entire family gather around the same Thanksgiving table. 

It’s no wonder most people have a love-hate relationship with the holiday season!

Luckily there are several minor things you can do in the Feng Shui tradition to minimize the stress levels and achieve a more balanced flow of positive energy in your home:

• Clean Your Clutter: When company’s a comin’ there is no better time to get rid of the things that are creating a mess in your home – both physically and emotionally. Use the opportunity to go over the “stuff” that has been lying around and remove all the items that you no longer need or want, things that are broken or no longer in good condition and especially those things which cause you to associate with bad or negative memories from your past.  To increase your vibrational energy, give away the things you don’t need to someone who does or donate the rest to charity.

• Remove Sharp Edges: Have your guests sit at a round or oval dining table where there are no sharp edges and remove sharp knives as soon as you are finished using them. Sharp edges are said to cut the flow of chi, encourage sharp words and arguments, as well as cause negative effects to the person sitting directly in front or behind them. Oval shaped tables also foster harmony as there is no hierarchy or rank created by the “head” of the table.

• Flower Power:  Place a centerpiece of fresh orange flowers to encourage conversation. Chrysanthemums are also said to bring laughter and happiness to your home and you should try to have at least one big plant in each room to freshen the atmosphere, clean the air, and bring beneficial energy to your surroundings.

• Bring Out the China: Bring out the good stuff, like the china, crystal and fine silverware you’ve been hiding in your cabinets and closets. Share them with your guests as a token of prosperity and abundance.

• Energize the Main Rooms: Before your company arrives, mist each room with the scent of lemon, lavender, pine or cinnamon to help your guests relax the moment they enter your home. Increase the active yang energy with soft lighting, candles and soft music. As you prepare your home, use the opportunity to center yourself, clear your mind, revel in the present moment and raise your positive energies.  Your guests will be able to sense these “good vibes” as soon as they enter the door.


Shira Tamir enjoys blogging on topics that encourage spiritual, social, environmental and global change. Her personal blog can be found at www.livinginmyownworld.com