A secret called Tahini

Tahini SpreadToday I want to tell you about my favorite dip — A greyish natural spread called Tahini, or otherwise, Sesame Paste. It is a dish well known in the Middle East and in Africa, much appreciated there for its nutritional value and its unique, slightly bitter, taste.

Tahini is made from sesame seeds. First you have to separate the seed’s oil from the rest of its content, and then you roast and grind each substance separately, only to be merged again afterwards. The result is a thick and smooth paste, which you can buy and store in your cupboard for long periods of time.

Whether you buy whole-seed tahini (thicker, bitter, healthier) or hulled-seed tahini (thinner, slightly sweet), the paste is full of protein, calcium, and healthy fatty acids such as Omega 6. Even better, it is relatively low in carbohydrates.

To make a fresh paste you simply pour some pure tahini into a bowl, mix it with an even amount of water, and add some fresh lemon juice. That’s the basic recipe, and it’s fast and easy to make! But if you feel like investing a bit more time in making an authentic sesame spread, the kind of which you could buy on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, I suggest taking a single clove and and scraping it with a small grater directly onto the bowl. Then, add some chopped parsley (organic parsley is my preferred) into the mix, and top the bonanza with a touch of salt and black pepper.

Congratulations! You now have a home-made tahini, which you may spill over your salad or spread over a piece of bread. Heck, sometimes I eat it straight with a spoon.

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