Benefits of Organic and Biodynamic Foods on Your Health

Organic FoodsThe old saying “you are what you eat” has never been more true in regards to the nutritional benefits of organic and biodynamic grown foods. Scientific studies going back more than 30 years are now proving that the advantages of naturally grown, organic farm produce, free of toxins and pesticides, not only contain more vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, but also have better taste.

In recent years, biodynamic foods are becoming popular with people on strict organic food diets. Originally pioneered by such organic food agronomists as Dr. Albert Howard and Lady Evelyn Barbara Balfour in Australia during the 1940’s, the science of growing organic produce incorporating biodynamic farming used natural ecosystems as models for agriculture. By studying and incorporating “nature’s way” into modern farming methods, they found that crops could be grown successfully without the use of toxins found in both pesticides and herbicides.

Modern ‘eco-smart’ methods of crop production have found to result in crops higher in vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid and iron. Biodynamic crops are found to have 47.6% more vitamin C and 33.9% more iron than conventionally grown crops.

Both organic and biodynamic grown foods have much higher levels of anti-oxidants, which help defer aging processes and cause people to actually live longer, healthier lives. Even such produce as wine is now available as 100% organic, being derived from organically cultivated grapes. Natural ecosystems, in which seasonal water supply sources, natural fertilization (compost and natural fertilizers, etc.), produce a mush better tasting produce; and this is reflected in the quality of items such as wine.

In regards to animals that have been fed organic diets, it has been found that this has resulted in better egg production, increased fertilization, and fewer stillborn young. Animals given biodynamic feed also have less illness and shorter recovery time if they become ill. Farm animals extensively used for food, including poultry, beef, lamb and pork producing animals, have healthier offspring and more flavorful meat, than those fed on commercial fodder.

Humans eating both organically and biodynamic grown foods, as well as animal products noted above, benefit from better health and well being. Bearing this in mind, it makes better sense to choose this healthier way of living by “going organic”.

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