Boutique Hotels The Cut Above

Tired of spending your hard earned money and quality vacation time at a plastic hotel “mega hotel” in Vegas or in Cancun? Then try something different on your next holiday outing; a boutique hotel or holiday resort. Boutique or “concept” hotels are small hotels specializing in giving more personal service as well as special food menus and are often based on a certain type of theme or concept, hence the term concept hotels. Formerly known as Bed and Breakfast hotels, these charming places usually have anywhere from 10 to 100 rooms depending on the hotel’s location and what type of theme or concept it is trying to offer their guests. Since many of these hotels are truly works of art, and are set in some of the most captivating natural beauty spots in the world, more and more people are being drawn to stay in them in order to have a quieter, more natural type of holiday.

Boutique HotelsMany of these establishments serve menus tailored for those seeking natural or organic types of food, including those who request strict vegetarian (vegan) menus. Others have menus to conform to religious doctrines, such as Halal (for Muslims) or Strictly Kosher for Orthodox Jews.

Though the idea is not new by any means, the concept of offering a differing kind of hotel experience and holiday resort began to take shape in the 1960’s when many people became tired of staying a the large “Hilton” and “Holiday Inn” type of hotels where d├ęcor and amenities became standardized and personal service a thing of the past.

Some locations, including England and European countries also had quaint inns and small “B & B” hotels which could quickly be turned into boutique hotels. This also held true for tropical locations such as Thailand and Mexico; and as a result, one can find boutique hotels are now found in many countries around the world, and in some of the most popular tourist destinations. Whether one desires a picturesque lake shore location, a secluded beach front or tropical isle, or a desert of jungle surrounding, by accessing web sites dealing with such places, or simply inquiring at your favorite travel office, it is easy to pick out the most suitable boutique hotel to suit both your vacation aspirations and your pocketbook.

When entering such an establishment, the first thing usually noticed is the lovely and quaint combination of furnishing and decor. From the outset, one can see that this is no ordinary hotel, and this is usually followed up by a personal type of service that most people only have known about by seeing old motion picture films from the 1930’s and ’40s.

Those looking for a particular type of vacation “package” and readily find it at one of these hotels or resorts. Whether it be a vacation involving golf, tennis, boating and yachting, fishing, or just plain relaxing and beach combing, the right combination is readily obtainable. And some of these hotels may even be within an hour’s drive from where you live.

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