Broccoli Linked to Reduction of Breast Cancer

As a child, you may have had those moments when your parents would not excuse you from the dinner table until you cleared all the vegetables off your plate. While vegetables are not exactly the best tasting foods, they are jam packed with nutrients and antioxidants. Nutritionists are now recommending that people consume one to two serving of vegetables at every meal.

Of course, not all vegetables are created equal. Some veggies are more nutrient-dense than others. Broccoli, for instance, has often been hailed as the “king of vegetables” due to its high nutritional content.

A research conducted in China showed that broccoli may have additional benefits for women diagnosed with breast cancer. The study shows that women who regularly consumed broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables were 62 percent less likely to succumb to breast cancer and up to 35 percent less likely to have the cancer reoccur. Aside from broccoli, the report showed that other vegetables, such as turnip greens, green cabbage and cauliflower were also consumed as a part of a regular diet.

Previous research done in China, Sweden and the U.S. hinted that normal consumption of such greens can reduce the risk of the cancer developing. However, the current study is the first to show that it can also have a positive effect post diagnosis.

A separate study done by Vanderbilt University also shows a link between consumption of cruciferous vegetables and a reduced risk of heart disease. The results were the same regardless of external factors, such as the consumption of meat, daily exercise and use of vitamin supplements.

Studies like these have long validated the health benefits of having some form of greens on your dinner plate. It does appear that part of the key to longevity lies within fresh vegetables. Even if it feels like a chore to eat your veggies, it’s good for you, so eat up whether you like it or not.

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