Consumption of Berries may Help Retain Brain Capacity

Doctors and health physicians have been saying it for years: eat more fruits and vegetables. A new study now shows that there is another reason, especially for women, to stuff their mouths with berries.

Some fruits and veggies are more nutrient-dense than others. Berries, despite their petite size, are loaded with immune-fighting antioxidants. New research suggests that consumption of berries, whether it be blueberries, blackberries or strawberries, may help preserve vital brain function and delay cognitive aging by as much as 2.5 years.

The research was conducted by Elizabeth Devore, an instructor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. The findings were published in the Annals of Neurology report.

Berries along with a variety of other fruits and veggies contain a vitamin known as flavonoids, which protect the body’s cells and helps to reduce inflammation. Berries in particular, contain a special flavonoid known as anthocyanidins, which are believed to be responsible for preserving the brain’s ability to think, reason and remember. A separate study conducted at Harvard also found evidence that berries can help fight off Parkinson’s disease in men.

The study by Devore consisted of female participants all past the age of 70. The study showed that the women who consumed more than one serving of blueberries a week and more than two servings of strawberries a week exhibited better brain function.

Healthier brain activity appears to just be another bonus of eating a hearty serving of fruits. Man or women, old or young, it is common sense to eat the foods that health experts have been urging all along. There are simply no replacements for a plate of fresh and ripe fruits and vegetables. Not even vitamin supplements are a fitting substitute. If you want to retain brain power and have an immune system of steel, then don’t hold back on the greens.

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