Drinking the “Juices of Life”

With all the information available concerning natural health remedies, none are so beneficial as those involving drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices to receive natural vitamins and minerals that are essential to good health. Many people may not be aware, however, that it’s not only drinking these juices, but the right combination of these natural elixirs that are even more important for maintaining good health. Taking this fact in mind, here are some of these natural juice “cocktails” that should be taken together in order to receive their full benefits:

Carrots, ginger, and apple: Most people are familiar with these; one being a yellow vegetable, one an herb, and one a fruit. By drinking a combination of 45% Carrot and 45% apple juice, with the addition of 5% ground fresh ginger, the result is a very refreshing drink that boosts our immune system and keeps us regular. Carrots are also said to be excellent for healthy eyesight and ginger has a number of medicinal uses, especially in preventing and treating certain forms of cancer. And as for apples, the old saying o f “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” alleges to the healthful benefits of this very versatile fruit.

Apples, cucumbers and celery are said to help fight cancer, reduce cholesterol levels in the body and for relieving upset stomachs and treating headaches. Cucumbers also contain an ingredient useful for treating skin conditions, and celery is rich in vegetable fiber which helps prevent colon problems, especially cancer.

A combination of carrots, apples, pears and mangos helps lower body heat (which rises during illness or when stressed) counteracts toxicity, lowers blood pressure, and reduces free radicals which cause oxidation and aging. Mangos are rich in flavenoids which are excellent anti-oxidants.

A combination of honeydew melons, red grapes, water melon and whole milk creates a drink that is high I vitamin C and B2 which not only helps stimulate cell growth and activity but strengthens to body’s natural immune system. Although the milk does contains some cholesterol, it is counterbalanced by the acidity and vitamin C in the fruit. Red grapes, which contains high amounts of flavenoids, help clean our cardiovascular system and slows down the effects of aging.

And a cocktail of fresh papayas, pineapples, and milk is rich in vitamin C and E, as well as in iron. This combination drink is said to aid our metabolic rates as well as improve skin complexions. Papayas in themselves are considered high in flavenoids and other antioxidants, as well as being a great aid in digestion.

From these fruit and vegetable combinations, we can see that it is possible to obtain many health benefits at relative low costs. It simply makes good sense to go the “natural way” for maintaining good health.

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