Eat Chocolate to Lose Weight

Who doesn’t love chocolate? It’s one of those foods that people love to set aside as one of their guilty pleasures. For chocolate lovers, there is some good news. A recent study showed that those who consumed chocolate on a regular basis have an overall lower body mass index than those who eat chocolate less often.

Researchers are baffled as to why something that is loaded with calories, fat and sugar can have a positive effect on weight. It is suspected that the antioxidants found in chocolate may play a contribution in boosting metabolism. Separate studies have also concluded that chocolate contains compounds and nutrients that can aid in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The study was headed by Dr. Beatrice Golomb and consisted of roughly 1,000 participating adults. Various data was collected from each test subject, which included how often they exercised and the amount of calories they consumed as well as the type of foods they were eating. Each subject consumed an average of two servings of chocolate a week. The type of chocolate, whether it was dark, white or milk, was not factored into the study. The test results showed that those who consumed chocolate more frequently had a lower body mass index. This proved to be the case even for subjects who consumed more calories overall.

Now before you start loading up on Snickers and M&Ms, keep in mind that some common sense is still needed here. Your bodyweight is still largely dependent on the total amount of calories you consume, and chocolate tends to be high in calories. The study, in fact, also showed that those who consumed higher quantities of chocolate in a single sitting exhibited higher body weight. Just because chocolate may be good for you, it doesn’t mean you should indulge without setting limits. What it does mean is that you can have chocolate in moderation without feeling guilty.

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