Fighting Cholestrol and Treating Pre-Cardiovascular Disease

As people get older, a number of health issues need to be addressed and dealt with, including blood cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, hormone balances in both males females, and joint inflammation conditions such as arthritis. A website known as offers a number of remedies that are said to be composed of all natural ingredients and help to treat these conditions while they may still be in the “pre-disease” stage, i.e. before they reach the point where irreparable damage may result.

This informative and easy to read website goes into detail concerning these conditions, and the particular product that is recommended for people to use. The site includes testimonials by patients who have used these products, and also invites physicians to participate in promoting the products which are said to be 100% natural, and contain no medical drugs or other substances that could be harmful to one’s health. The company that produces these products, PreEmptive Meds Inc. or PMI note that they “only promote these products through doctors in the USA” who have reviewed the clinical information dealing with these products and as a result make their recommendations to their patients. The products offered are classified as therapeutic nutraceuticals, or herbal supplements, and as such are not subject to FDA approval as pharmaceutical drugs are.

Fighting Cholestrol and Treating Pre-Cardiovascular DiseaseOne particularly worthwhile product is called PreLipid which contains phytosterols or plant cholesterols which are well known as being beneficial for lowering blood cholesterol levels. High blood cholesterol, especially low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and otherwise known as “bad cholesterol” is one of the major causes of heart disease that results for arteriolosclerosis or hardening of the arteries.

PreLipid is promoted as a “therapeutic botanical formulation developed from eight synergistic botanicals” which help to lower the “bad cholesterol” levels in the blood stream by the use of phytosterol cholesterols which help to reduce the level of LDL cholesterol fat deposits on arterial walls to reduce the risks of arteriolosclerosis. The ingredients also contain powerful antioxidants that help reverse arterial wall damage, and are particularly beneficial for people who have been smokers.

Each ingredient found in the PreLipid herbal supplement is noted and its particular benefit explained, enabling people to be better informed in order to consult with their private physician regarding the potential benefits of the product. People with potentially high blood cholesterol levels are advised to have a “fasting lipoprotein profile” test performed every 5 years to determine the amount of LDL cholesterol. And this advice is for all persons over age 20, and not just for middle aged or older people! Use of PreLipid is said to reduce a person’s blood cholesterol level by 30 to 40 percentage points, and that positive results are usually seen after only 8 weeks of use.

Naturally, the use of a dietary supplement such as PreLipid should be accompanied by undertaking a healthy diet of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables ,especially those high in high-density lipoprotein or “good cholesterols” (avocados, etc) use of monounsaturated fats (canola and olive oil for example), eating more fish and chicken, and a regular aerobic exercise program (walking, jogging, bike riding that raises the heartbeat for at least 20-30 minutes at a time) are recommend as well.

The only drawback to these products as offered through a site like, if one might consider it as such, is that the products, including PreLipid are not found in regular pharmacies or health and dietary products stores, but must be ordered directly from PreEmptive Meds Inc. But it appears that the company is offering enough incentives (including a two week free trial) to make the products offered more reasonable in price.


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