Finally 2010 – Is Fusion Man the New World?

Can this be the answer to congestion in the cities? Is this going to be the new mode of transport? I heard about this first on the Radio on the way to work and honestly could not picture it. Those jet engines he has strapped to his back can’t be eco friendly or good for global warming but it is intriguing. Imagine that the Fusion Man actually symbolizes a new direction in our evolution. I mean this actually gets close to what I imagined 2010 to be like.

This is from Reuters May 14 – Known as ‘Fusion Man’, a former pilot has stunned crowds by flying a jet-propelled wing for nearly ten minutes at a peak speed of 300 km/h (186 mph).

Yves Rossy, a Swiss former military pilot and Airbus commander for Swiss airlines completed an official demonstration on Wednesday (May 14, 2008) in the Swiss Chablais region, where he was released from a plane at 2438 metres (8000 feet) with his wing folded.

He deployed his craft after a short free-fall and began his flight. After a flight of almost ten minutes, he deployed his parachute, folded the wing and landed at the Bex airdrome.

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