Getting Creative About Environmental Disaster

Gulf Oil shirtSteve Brooker, a good man from the state of Kansas, understandably perturbed by BP’s damage to the Gulf of Mexico has had a creative epiphany. He has made printing ink of lemons and oil. Brooker is using oil from the environmental disaster to make Necklaces and print T-shirts. Some of the proceeds he will donate to wildlife groups.

In order to print the T-shirts, the oil is mixed with the ink. The necklaces come with a vial of oil attached. Prices for the pieces start at 20 bucks.

The amount which goes to environmental charities is five bucks. The customer may choose which one he prefers out of the following selection: Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research, National Wildlife Federation and the National Audubon Society.

Every shirt and necklace says Brooker, represents one small step taken to clean up the Gulf.

The T-shirts may be found at

The page reads:

“Oil used to print the t-shirts or contained in our vial necklaces won’t be in the Gulf anymore and that’s a good thing!”

“Admittedly, the amounts of oil used are small and meant to be symbolic. By purchasing our Gulf Oil Necklaces and T-Shirts you show that you are doing your part to help clean up this mess.”

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