Good Feng Shui Bedroom Can Promise Rest, Fun, and Love

Chinese Compass
Planning a bedroom according to the principles of the ancient Chinese tradition called Feng Shui, is believed to promote a harmonious flow of positive energy which influences the different functions of the room. It will make the room more inviting, luring, exciting and calming, all at the same time. By planning a good Feng Shui bedroom, one will be able to enjoy pleasure and fun, as well as calm and a good night sleep.

When arranging the bedroom, the basic factors to be considered include the placement of the furniture, as well as airing, lighting and colors. First, the bedroom should not have any kind of equipment which is not related to its inherent functions, and therefore should not have a television set, a computer or exercise equipment. Secondly, the room should have lots of fresh air and oxygen, coming in from open windows. Therefore, plants in the bedroom are considered bad Feng Shui and are not recommended. As for the lighting arrangement of the room, there should be several levels of intensity, in order to provide various levels of energy in the room. This can be attained by use of a dimmer, although candles are considered the best Feng Shui bedroom lighting. The colors one chooses for the bedroom should be of a soothing nature, so that they will provide a good balance in the bedroom. The best Feng Shui colors for the bedroom are the “skin colors”, namely a range of colors from pale white to rich chocolate brown.

As for the décor of the room, the Feng Shui tradition places great importance on choosing the right kind of images, which will provide powerful positive energy. It recommends choosing images that reflect what one wants to see happening in one’s life.
Feng Shui provides clear guidelines for the placement of the bed itself and the quality of its components. The bed should be approachable from both sides; it should have two bedside tables; and it should never be aligned in a direct line with the door. It should be of good quality, with a good mattress and sheets made of natural fibers.

Finally, the room itself should be kept closed during the night, in order to make the most of the flow of energy in the room itself. Therefore, the bedroom doors, including closet doors and en-suite bathroom doors, should be kept closed.

These guidelines, based on the Feng Shui aspiration for harmony and balance, all aim to provide the most positive energy for those using the room, so they can achieve calm, relaxation and love, and inevitably lead healthier lives.

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