Green Your Room to Help You Sleep Better

Greening your room is a proven way to help you sleep better. When your room is filled with junk it can create anxiety and keep you up at night. If you’re having trouble falling asleep at night, you should green out your room. The environment that you sleep in has a lot to do with how you sleep. Here are a few things that you can do to green your room and help you sleep better.

Air Quality

The air quality in your home can have a lot to do with why you’re not sleeping very well. When the air quality is poor you will be breathing in dust and hair. To improve the air quality in your home, you can change out the air filters with green filters. These are made out of recycled materials. You can also dust the surfaces in your room weekly. This will cut down on the amount of dust and hair in your room. Vacuum the carpets in your room twice a week to remove the hair and dust. Wash your sheets weekly to cut down on ingesting dirt and make sure that you’re changing your pillowcases frequently.


The lights in your bedroom can easily inhibit your sleeping. Lighting from your alarm clocks, computer monitors and other electronic devices can disrupt your sleep cycle. Turn off computer monitors and power down any electrical devices that you don’t need. Alarm clocks can show the time, but also provide a lot of light. Remove alarm clocks and use the alarm on your phone to cut down on the lighting in your room. If you can’t remove the alarm clock, use the dimmer feature to lower the lighting. Excessive lighting in your room can easily draw more power and waste electricity. Green your room by dimming or eliminating lighting all together and you should get to sleep much faster.

Remove The Clutter

The clutter in your room can affect your sleep patterns subconsciously. One of the best ways to green out your room is donate all of the junk that you’re not using. Clutter can also lead to dust and this affects the air quality. Go through all of your stuff and make a pile of everything that you don’t need. Donate the items to local shelters or you local community thrift store. This will give back to the community while helping you sleep a lot better.

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