GreenRay Solar Technology Aims to Bring the Sun Home

GreenRayGreenRay Inc, a solar energy innovation company based in Westford Massachusetts, USA, aims to bring practical solar powered electricity systems to private homes. Using an improved system of photovoltaic (PV) solar modular panels, GreenRay’s solar system designs are being developed to create solar energy into AC electric power which can either be used directly in a home or office or sold back to the local electricity grid.

Compared to other solar energy systems, this improved solar panel concept is said to reduce installation time, is more flexible in size than comparable systems, has mo optimized “on site” performance, and enables to system owner to expand it later on as per his needs.

By not requiring direct electrical current (DC) to have to be converted into alternating current (AC), the system is “ready to go” as soon as it is installed, enabling the owner to have electrical power immediately, and without the need for special engineering assistance. Since the company is focusing on systems for private homes, GreenRay’s concept claims to save as much as 40% of the total installation costs, said to be one of highest expenses for solar energy systems.

GreenRay’s president, Miles C. Russell, has 30 years experience in the photovoltaic panel industry, and designed a special mounting system for solar PV modules which is now being utilized in his company’s solar panel systems. The company’s staff also includes Zachary King, VP of Engineering, with 7 years experience in the PV module industry, and Ruel Little, VP of Technology, with 11 years experience in PV system and component design.

GreenRay’s AC modular systems enabled it to receive sizable funding assistance from the US Government Department of Energy (up to a sum of $ 2,300,000), available over a three year period. It also won third place in a Clean Energy Competition sponsored by Massachusetts Institute for Technology (MIT) which enabled the company to eligible for an additional funding of $3.2 million for developing its unique AC modular panels.

Russell and his colleagues are very optimistic for the future of the company, whose product will carry a 20 year comprehensive warranty, and will be much simpler to install than competing solar energy systems. His company hopes to have this unique AC solar module system available very soon to customers worldwide.

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