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India ShoreAlternative energy sources, such as wind turbines have been in the news a lot lately. And one Indian company, Suzlon Ltd is now making a name for itself as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of wind turbines that generate electric power. Suzlon’s story began in 1995 with nothing more than an idea to find a way to create reliable electric power to a textile company in the Indian state of Gujarat. The company’s founder, Mr. Tulsi Tanti, had heard about the use of wind turbines to create electricity and decided to form his own wind turbine manufacturing co. as a subsidiary to his textile concern. Starting out with only 20 employees, Mr. Tanti built a prototype wind turbine generator facility that was able to generate around 3 MW of power which was about enough to power his textile factory. Buoyed by this modest success, Tanti decided to take a big risk and devote his finances and personal energy into manufacturing wind turbines.

Since then, he’s never looked back as his company has now grown in only 13 years into a multi million dollar concern that has branches in 16 countries, especially in Europe and the USA. From only 3 MW, his turbines now generate thousands of mega watts of clean, non-polluting electrical power which help satisfy the electrical power needs of large manufacturers such as TATA Automobile Company (largest in India) and municipal power entities such as Edison Light and Power Company in southern California. His company is the fifth largest in the world wind turbine industry, with over 10.5% of total global production and electricity production. From only 20, the company has now grown to over 13,000 employees from 14 different countries.

Suzlon targets its turbines in areas that have a plentiful supply of his product’s power source, i.e. wind. For this reason, his turbines have found ready markets in American states like California, Illinois, and Texas, as well as in European countries like Spain, Portugal, Germany and Denmark.

Since Suzlon’s wind turbines are virtually non-polluting, they are one of brightest future sources of world energy. They can be installed virtually anywhere that there is a readily available wind source of at least 10 -15 km per hour. The turbines can operate year round, and even in the coldest winters or hottest summers.

The future definitely looks bright to this company that is making it’s mark as a world supplier of clean electrical energy; and is a true friend of the world’s environment.

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  1. India has a large market for the small wind turbines however the solar panel is better for most of areas in India. Wind turbine is suitable for the sea coats.

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