Irritable Bowels? Try Peppermint!

PeppermintHere’s one for you, peppermint oil to remove irritable bowel syndrome. You know the ailment by its symptoms, bloating and abdominal pain. This condition attacks one in five adults and is not easily treatable. Fiber supplements, prescription drugs and laxatives are all common remedies; but as often as not, they just don’t work.

Why not try a natural alternative?

An amalgam of spearmint and watermint, the peppermint plant has been used for many centuries for an herbal remedy. They say it can relieve certain gastrointestinal problems by obstructing the flow of calcium into the intestines’ muscle cells, which lessens muscle contractions.

The following things are to be associated with irritable bowel syndrome:

  • Medicines
  • Large meals
  • Chocolate, wheat, barley, rye, milk products, or alcohol
  • Coffee, drinks with caffeine, tea, or colas
  • Stress, conflict, or emotional upsets
  • In 2008, scientists from the American College of Gastroenterology did research on previous studies that compared peppermint oil with a placebo for some 400 patients.

    They ended up finding that only in 26 percent of the patients treated with peppermint oil administered twice a-day as capsules, for a period of one to two months the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome went on after the treatment; compared with 65 percent of those given placebo. The scientists concluded the evidence was sufficiently stirring in order that more research should be conducted.

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