Is My Food Actually Organic? How Can I Tell?

Consumers are starting to realize the effects of eating processed food over time. Because of this, organic food has become a pretty hot topic. If you buy organic food, you might be wondering if the produce you are buying is actually organic. Distinguishing organic food from processed or hormone driven food can be a daunting task if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Here is a guide on how to tell if your food is actually organic.

Look over the packaging for your food. There should be a certification on the labels that tell you the food is actually organic. Although this is the most obvious ways to check, many people buy food without looking over the packaging.

Buy local. Local foods from farms are more likely to actually be organic. Small farms do not have the means to inject their foods with hormones or process them. Local fruit stands and the farmer’s market are some of the best places to find fresh organic food.

Research companies that you are buying food from. There are a lot of watchdog groups on the Internet that want to expose companies that are falsely selling organic foods. If you are concerned about the food you are buying, research the companies that are selling it to make sure you are getting exactly what you pay for.

Avoid food packages that use the word “natural” on the labels. This is a way for food companies to entice the organic food buyer into purchasing their products. “Natural” is not organic. This is commonly used with companies that mass-produce food. Although these foods will not have preservatives in them, they could have other toxins.

Look at the ingredients list on the food packaging. If you find that the foods have any kind of dye in them, you can bet that they are not organic. Organic foods do not use dyes or other preservatives to give them their color. Avoid these foods, as they are not organic.

Living a healthy lifestyle is essential for a long life. If you are worried that your food is not organic, you can take a proactive approach by following these guidelines. Remember to look over the packaging and check for any certifications. Always buy from a local vendor and research any companies you are not familiar with. Avoid the “Natural” stamp and peruse the ingredients list on your foods. If you still aren’t sure, ask your local grocer if they know of foods that are truly organic.

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