Israel Becoming Regional Organic Food and Remedies Center

Already known as an international leader in vegetarian food products, Israel is now becoming a major organic food and medical remedy supplier as well. Organic and whole foods consumers welcomed the opening in 2007 of two major whole and organic foods supermarkets, Eden in Netanya, and Teva Castel in the upscale Herzliya Petuah community, a few kilometers north of Tel Aviv.

Israel has an annual whole foods market of more than $600 million, which has also caused major supermarket chains like Mega and SuperSal to introduce more organic and whole foods sections into their stores as well. The appeal of whole or natural foods, especially those organically grown, has been gaining in popularity, despite their higher costs. More and more people have become aware of the benefits of foods grown and processed without pesticides and antibiotics, as well as various harmful preservatives. And it’s not only the health benefits, but the taste difference that is inducing consumers to which to whole grains, organically grown fruit and vegetables, as well as “free running” poultry and eggs, and “range fed” beef.

Now it appears that a wide selection of organic and other natural food products and remedies are available form Israel via the internet. Sites include numerous categories ranging from dietary supplements and natural grocery products to eco-friendly cleaning supplies, herbal remedies, and medicinal creams and wellness products. Many of the items offered are produced in Israel and are not only certified by local health and religious authorities, but by local and international organic foods and remedy associations as well.

New products are constantly appearing on the market sites, including Omega 3 and other vitamin supplements, specially formulated Aloe Vera drinks, and a number of herbal remedies.

For those wanting certified strictly kosher products the site offers ones certified by the most well known “Kashrut hechsher” certifiers, including OU, Star-K, Badatz, Rav Landau, and others.

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