Israel Defense Forces Set an Impressive Ecological Example

According to the blog, TheCoolJew:

“The IDF announced today the implementation of its new plan, “IDF Protects the Environment“, to the sum of one billion NIS, in which it will mend past damages and prevent future harm to Israel’s natural landscapes. The initial phase of the plan was marked by the opening of the IDF’s first “green base”, the newly-renovated Officer Instruction School.”

The plan was kicked off with a ceremony featuring attendance by Chief of the General Staff, Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, Commander of the Ground Forces, Maj. Gen. Shlomo (Sami) Turjeman, Head of the Technology and Logistics Branch, Maj. Gen. Dan Biton, and Commander of the Officer Instruction Base and Col. Yehuda Fox.

During the event, Chief of General Staff, Ashkenazi unveiled the “Solar Farm Project”, which includes 400 solar panels expected to save up to 90,000 liters of solar fuel per year.

The new facilities at the renovated Officer Instructor School were constructed in order to conserve water and electricity. They include: volume-calculating systems (that save up to 25-35% of electricity), T5 fluorescent bulbs (that save up to 30% of electricity) and rationing water faucets (saving up to 20-50% of water).

“The change in perspective which the IDF is currently undergoing,” reads the IDF blog, “particularly within the Officer Instruction School, is part of the ongoing training process of the future generation of officers.”

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