Looking Good Means Feeling Good

Nature lovers like myself – no this is not to toot my own horn – are some of the most beautiful people in the world. We that dear the extreme, we that have adventurous fun with Mother Earth and not at her expense are a dime a dozen. When I am hitting the single-track trails on my fat mountain bike, or blazing the slopes on my snowboard – when I am scaling ballsy cliffs with nothing but a rope, or surfing the big kahuna waves, I also want to look good.

MIZZEI know I know – now this might sound a little on the superficial side, but you must admit, whether you’re in the States, Europe or South America, members of the Extreme Green Team, and you know who you are, are easily identifiable in a large crowd. Maybe it’s the wind-burned cheeks, the earthy natural fragrance, the rough leather skin, the tough Carhartts and Patagonia – occasionally you find the dread-locked hemp-loving hippy. We tend to have fun the same way, care about our planet and even have a similar fashion sense.

If you’ve never surfed Camel Beach in Haifa, Israel or explored the caves in the Judean Desert or the Arava, you’re missing out. Israel is a very beautiful place in terms of the people, the land and the unique fashion. Now if you can’t quite afford a plane ticket what with all of your holiday spending, you can at least bring some Sabra vibes to where you are – with a new designer line of jewelry called MIZZE.

The name of the line is a play-on-words, based on the Hebrew, ?? ??, it means, “who is it?” – perhaps questioning us about our identity… are you the nature lover, the spiritual type, the effortlessly fashionable? If so, then you’d look good in some of Mizze’s pieces.

They are available at a few stores outlets including Charm Jewelry store AmuletGifts.com

The jewelry is made at an independent studio in Israel. The work features traditional knitting and weaving techniques blended with ancient tribal symbols made of 925, sterling silver. Each piece is painstakingly hand-crafted and Mizze only uses environmentally sound all-natural materials.
See you on the trail.

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