New: Solar Powered Keyboard

The K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard for Mac, a new offering from Logitech runs on the power of light. The solar-powered wireless keyboard is made only for Mac.

Inside the box the product is sandwiched between four pieces of thin brown paperboard. Underneath the keyboard is a cloth for cleaning its solar cells and a wireless USB receiver for plugging into your computer. Instructions for setup are printed in pictograms on the inside of the box instead of being on a separate piece of paper, to further reduce waste.

The keyboard is only 1/3 of an inch wide. But it is rather sturdy and has four grippy rubber feet which stick nicely to your lap, allowing you to lean back in your chair and revel in the freedom. The keys are comfortably spaced. Unlike other Mac keyboards, this one allocates a nice amount of real-estate so your hands can really spread out. Even the numeric keypad has large buttons that are clearly marked. This model comes in a few colors.

Two strips of photovoltaic cells are embedded at the top of the keyboard underneath shiny plastic windows.

This all makes the keyboard very durable.

Aside from the usual function keys the K750 is outfitted with a tiny button allowing you to check whether your ambient light levels are enough to alter the manganese lithium battery inside. If so, an LED light next to a printed smiley face glows green. If light levels are too weak to replenish the keyboard, then a red LED next to a frowny face will blink once.

You can also install a free, downloadable “Solar App” on your Mac which launches when you press the light check key. The Solar App shows just how much charge you have on your battery as well as the light levels your keyboard is getting in terms of lux.

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