New Study Finds that Shrooms and Green Tea Reduce Cancer Risk

Did you know that women who eat large amounts of mushrooms and drink a whole bunch of green tea are at a lower risk for developing breast-cancer? Seems a little strange, I know, but a recent study, done by the International Journal of Cancer, attests to this information; and if anyone really knows, well hey, its gotta be them!

Here’s what they did. They chose more than 2,000 women in China, 1,009 of whom, breast-cancer patients, aged 20-87; and the other half normal healthy women. Each woman completed a detailed diary questionnaire, telling which foods they had recently consumed.

The data showed that the more mushrooms consumed, the lower the cancer rate. Women who ate 10 grams of fresh mushrooms or more per day, were about 2/3 less likely to have breast cancer; while those who ate 4 grams per day, saw their breast-cancer risk fall 50%.

As far as tea drinkers, the cancer risk for women who both ate fresh mushrooms and drank green tea was 11%, compared to the 18% risk of women who consumed neither.

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