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Flourishing Winter Gardens

Flourishing Winter Gardens

Winter gardening is something that millions of people take part in. The summer is one of the best times of the year for gardening; however, the winter takes most of the flowers and vegetables away. In [...]

New Plant Species Discovered

New Plant Species Discovered

A new species of plant which spreads its own seeds has been discovered in the South American country of Brazil. The plant, whose seed-dropping motion is somewhat akin to genuflection, was given the name Spigelia genuflexa. [...]

Battle of the Trees

A plant ecologist at Princeton University in New Jersery, Ray Dybzinski, trees possess “way more” roots than needed for them to absorb the soil’s nutrients. Well, if so, what purpose, exactly, do these roots serve? According [...]

Soiling the Garden

An organic garden must start with healthy soil. Natural fertilizers promote the growth of beneficial bacteria, earthworms and fungi which build soil structure and foster healthy plants. The best fertilizer for your lawn and garden is [...]

“Stuck on You” : A Love Story Despite Deforestation

Life has always been rough for the African wasp Certosolen arabicus. Their lifespan of two days doesn’t provide them with much time to get to know the world. But, if there’s one thing that makes these [...]

NEWS FLASH: Tiny parasitic wasps may be used as pesticides to protect crops

Tell your local farming buddies… The group of scientists who sequenced the genomes of three different minute wasp species, say that their work has proven that the bees have qualities, useful for both pest control and [...]

A Quick Look at Permaculture

Trying to rebloom the deserts? Try Permaculture. A quick overview: The method, invented in the 1970’s, involves analyzing the environment you are trying to build and jumpstarting the system. Think of it as trying to get [...]

Electricity from Trees? Not so Much, but a Bit

It began with a finding from researches at MIT that trees can generate a current of up to 200 millivolts. That’s one fifth of a volt, which isn’t so much, but starting hooking it up and [...]

800 Year Old Apple The Healthiest

It’s called the Pendragon apple, and it’s been grown in England since the 12th century. “Of all the organic varieties, Pendragon was the best apple variety and contained seven of the eight kinds of healthy components [...]

A Picture of an Organic Farm in North Dakota

They are Duane and Chantra Boehm, and they have a small organic farm. For people new to this blog, the term “organic” means farmers avoid pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. Everything they put in, they grow. [...]