Exercise to Relieve Stress Symptoms

Many symptoms of everyday stress can be relieved and even eliminated by becoming involved in a daily exercise program. Proper exercise helps to produce a number of healthful chemical substances that can be sent throughout the body to control the symptoms of stress, including muscle tenseness and poor blood circulation. When beginning an exercise or work out program it is recommended to seek professional advice as to what exercises are both safe as well as beneficial for a person’s age and current physical condition. Health and fitness experts agree that proper exercise “releases hormones into the body that bring balance into their lives and focus better on everything they do”.

Exercise to Relieve Stress SymptomsObviously, one can’t just go into a gym or fitness center and begin fast walking on a treadmill or lifting weights on the various machines that are usually found in such places. An exercise program contoured to a person’s exact needs depends on a number of factors, as swell as the send desired result. For example, it a person wants to begin a program to both relieve stress symptoms as well as build up better muscle tone, a reduced plan of at least 15 to 20 minutes should be done in a manner that is not putting too much physical stress on muscles and a skeletal system that has been sedentary. Even a short exercise session of only five or ten minutes is better that nothing at all. The exercise period should include a warm-up period, as well as a “cooling down” period afterwards to prevent and damage to be caused to un-toned muscles. A good exercise workout helps a person take his mind off the problems that have caused the feeling of stress, and make a person more calm afterwards; enabling him to deal better with the problems that are causing the stress.

Some of the benefits of a well planned exercise program include detoxification of the various body systems, including cardiovascular and digestive. It also helps a person to deal better with anger and other negative feelings by releasing pent up energy that has been “stored” in the body during periods of stress. .Exercise also releases endorphins which are neuro-chemical compounds that act similar to morphine to help relax the body.

By becoming involved in a conscious exercise program of at least 3 days per week, and up to half an hour in duration, stress levels can be significantly lowered.

Couch Potato or Fitness Program – the difference can add years to your life!

Couch PotatoOur modern society, especially in the United States and the U.K., often encourages people to become lazy and less likely to take care of their bodies. Improper diets of high levels of carbohydrates, sugars, and fats (particularly saturated fats) not only results and increased weigh gain, but can even shorten our very lives by as much as 10 or more years. The term “couch potato”, referring to people who spend their leisure time sitting in front of the T.V. and consuming quantities of snack foods, is an all too common phenomenon in today’s modern society. As a result, many children and adults have not only become grossly overweight, but are even obese; not only making their lives miserable but shortening them as well.

A number of things can be done to help alleviate this problem, without resorting to fad dieting, and spending large sums of money on weight loss dietary supplement products; which in the end may not only be ineffective, but health damaging as well. People can not only lose weight but tone up their bodies by making adjustments in their daily diets by consuming more green vegetables, fresh fruits, and whole grains, as well as becoming involved in a daily program of moderate exercise. Moderate exercise can be in various forms, including swimming (if available) fast walking in their neighborhood for at least half an hour per day (or in a shopping mall, if more convenient), and exercises at home.

While not everybody has a gym or health club available to them, especially due to logistical factors as well as sheer costs of belonging to one, everyone has the ability to walk or jog as well as do exercises at home, including push and sit ups, knee bends, and other floor exercises that can be done with a simple pad or small mattress laid out in one’s living room.

Another thing that can be done is simply to east less. Scientific studies have found that people who consume approximately 20% fewer calories per day, based on a normal diet, can add 5 or more years to their life. Many people eat more food than they should at a meal simply because the food is there, and not because they are actually hungry! It is amazing that by simply stopping to eat after a certain quantity is consumed will result in a person not feeling hungry after a few moments. By skipping that extra helping of potatoes, bread, and especially a heavy desert (eat something light instead like sherbet instead of ice cream, etc.) one can actually gain less weight, as well as feel better.

So instead to spending your weekends consuming pizza and other junk food while watching a ball game on your 40 ” LCD screen, go out and exercise a bit. You’ll feel better – and live longer!