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Lab Grown Meat for You to Eat

What if you didn’t have to kill the cow to get the meat? No, we’re not talking about cutting the cow’s leg off and eating it and then letting it sadly hobble around. That’s just cruel. [...]

Green Peace for the Holidays

We use Peace signs to declare our commitment to the spirit of love and openness in the world. To show that we care, and that we haven’t lost hope in a better tomorrow. This unique peace [...]

China is shooting it up again

China has already managed to successfully launch 2 manned spacecrafts into Earth orbit. By the end of this month, they’re planning to launch their third manned mission, and this time, one of the main objectives is [...]

Arranging Our Homes According to Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese doctrine, practiced for thousands of years, which is based on the belief in the flow of energy or “chi” through the universe and in its influence on our daily lives. [...]

Good Feng Shui Bedroom Can Promise Rest, Fun, and Love

Picture: Planning a bedroom according to the principles of the ancient Chinese tradition called Feng Shui, is believed to promote a harmonious flow of positive energy which influences the different functions of the room. It [...]

Bagua: The Feng Shui Compass to Balance and Harmony

Picture: Bagua is one of the main tools used to analyze the Feng Shui of any given space. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese tradition which strives to achieve harmony and balance between the forces [...]

Feng Shui Principles and Yin and Yang Compatibility

Picture: One of the fundamental principles of Feng Shui is the philosophy of Yin and Yang, which represents the interdependence and complementation of opposites i.e. balance and continual change, activity and passivity, lightness and darkness, [...]

Feng Shui at Home and Office

Feng Shui, or wind-water, is an ancient Chinese philosophy that is centered around making a harmonious balance between Man and the natural elements. This philosophy, which is said to have been in existence even longer than [...]

5 Feng Shui Tips for a Harmonious Thanksgiving

Nothing spells potential family conflicts than week-long cooking and preparations, the kids coming home from college, the in-laws flying in from out of state, the men off in the living room watching football, the younger children [...]

The Bagua & Feng Shui

How does one live in harmony with all the forces within nature? More suitably, what discipline is the right choice for “arranging” all of life’s locations to where the most will be gained; especially in the [...]