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The Health Monitor blog has assembled a fine list of the top 100 Organic Living blogs. These blogs range from parenting to gardening and everything in between. I’m also glad to announce that Natural Buy has been included in this well-researched list.

Top 100 Organic Blogs

This list is a good starting point for anyone interested in expanding and refining his or her knowledge of organic living, and its representation in the blogosphere.

Supermarkets Can Save Energy with “Closed Door” Coolers

Before you reach your hand into an open air supermarket refrigeration unit, think about how much energy is being wasted to make the fresh and frozen food displayed there look more attractive and accessible.

A study being made by the Kansas City campus of the University of Missouri is finding that not only do supermarkets spend more than 50% of their total energy costs on food and beverage refrigeration, but a large percentage of this amount is due to food being stored in open front or open top units, just to make the food more attractive to customers. With so much attention being made these days regarding increasing energy costs, and effects of the earth’s ozone layers by gases from refrigeration units, it seems that more efforts should be made to induce large supermarkets use closed door refrigeration units, instead of those which display frozen foods, fresh meat and dairy products, and other items. While closed door units may not be as attractive, they would greatly decrease the stores’ energy bills.

Refrigerator UnitsLarge supermarket chains are afraid to use closed glass door refrigeration units as they are afraid that they will reduce the impulse buying urge that shoppers have when they see all those frozen pizzas, frozen dinners, pastries, and other goodies on displayed in open air display cases. While this may be true to a certain extent, in today’s current tight economy, a little prudence might be a good idea anyway; and it isn’t a big deal to open a closed display case to take out desired food items. Closed door refrigeration units are usually the norm anyway in the thousands of gas station and similar convenience stores in not only North America, but in many other countries as well. And these stores sell more than their share of refrigerated food and beverage items on a 24 hour a day, seven days a week basis.

In order to try to prove that closed door refrigeration units do not hurt store profitability, a number of large supermarkets in several states have agreed to switch to closed display cases as part of the U. of Missouri study. The stores will try this “new” method of merchandising for a period of months and their sales will be compared with similar sized stores who continue to use open air refrigeration cases. Shoppers will be surveyed to get their opinions regarding closed door refrigeration, and whether or not they feel inconvenienced or if something is “missing” from their daily or weekly supermarket shopping trips. By skewing bar codes on items taken out of closed or open air refrigeration units, the stores will be able to compare any measurable percentages between the stores with only closed door units and those with conventional open units.

The results could wind up creating a big a change in the shopping experience in supermarkets, and could save these stores as much or even more money than elimination of plastic grocery bags, already the norm in stores like Costco. Speaking of discount food chains, the Walmart discount chain is already going for closed door refrigeration units in its large “Super Center” stores which include large grocery departments.

Clean Up Your Mess

New Year’s Eve was a massive blast.

But please clean up your mess when you’re ready to go.

Times Square was littered with 40 tons of trash by Thursday morning.

Times Square

Green Peace for the Holidays

We use Peace signs to declare our commitment to the spirit of love and openness in the world. To show that we care, and that we haven’t lost hope in a better tomorrow.

Green Peace Charms Bracelet

This unique peace bracelet contains a silver Peace sign, alongside a green Evil Eye amulet, and a fish amulet. You can find this beautiful green bracelet at MostOriginal.com, an online hub for unique gifts. They also offer various holiday specials during December.

Green Nation

Elaborate marble facade of NYSE as seen from t...
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Jennifer Lance raises some tough questions in her “Imagine a $700 Billion Bailout for the Environment” post.

It can indeed be amazing how Wall Street comes before clean air and renewable energy. It’s Okay to throw away incomprehensible sums of money to save corrupt bank managers, but our most basic needs are never being addressed.

Green Nation

When Obama (presumably) enters office this coming January, I wonder if he’ll have the guts to repaint the American flag in white, red, and blue.

Al Gore’s vision comes to life

Wikipedia’s big-shot Jimmy Wales launches a new Wiki site dedicated to environmental issues. The idea for the project arose during a conversation with former VP and Noble laureate Al Gore.

The new Wiki is titled “Green Wiki” and it features a very friendly user interface, and sufficient content to get you reading for a whole week. I believe it can be a good starting point for teaching the topic in schools.

Go check it out!

Got Fish?

Over fishery is a huge problem for everyone on Earth. Supporting these irresponsible practices can backfire on us in a few years.

This is why getting familiarized with the Greenpeace International Seafood Red List is always a good idea. The list introduces you to the species which have a very high risk of being sourced from unsustainable fisheries.

Check it out!

Be a Vegetarian Just One Day a Week

Life ain’t a black-n-white motion picture. There are countless shades of gray.

Vegetarianism is extremely Eco-friendly. However, eliminating our meat and fish consumption can be very difficult. But even if we deny ourselves of these items only one day a week, we still make a difference. If 7 people do this, it has the same effect as one person going Veggie — and if 70 million people eat tofu instead of a steak just 4 times a month, it has the same impact as 10 million people who stop consuming animal-derived environmentally-straining products.

Indian Cow

It’s not a big endeavor. On the contrary, it’s a challenge worth taking.