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Looking Good Means Feeling Good

Nature lovers like myself – no this is not to toot my own horn – are some of the most beautiful people in the world. We that dear the extreme, we that have adventurous fun with [...]

Bamboo Clothing Makes Good Environmental Sense

Clothing worn by many people is often made from cotton, wool, flax, and other fibers, including animal hair, may either be allergenic or made from crops which require a great deal of effort and expense to [...]

Green Peace for the Holidays

We use Peace signs to declare our commitment to the spirit of love and openness in the world. To show that we care, and that we haven’t lost hope in a better tomorrow. This unique peace [...]

Nature Bites

Ouch! What a terrific shirt! [...]

Rubbish Style

Recycling ain’t always easy. In fact, honestly speaking, it can be a pain in the ass. It takes dedication, and unless one is truly motivated, he won’t keep it up for long. A great way to [...]

M.R.S.A. Infections and Tattoos

As the practice of tattoos and similar body art becomes more and more fashionable, so does the risk of contracting skin diseases, including a serious one called Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus which often results after having [...]