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Indian Elephants Electrocuted

Indian Elephants Electrocuted

Three elephants were tragically electrocuted at a wildlife sanctuary in northern India, after they uprooted a utility pole and became entangled in its wires. The wild elephant population of India is estimated at about 26,000. The [...]

Hanging Out in Hang Son Doong

Hanging Out in Hang Son Doong

Vietnam, the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia, is home to some of the world’s most impressive caves. Most of them unexplored, geologists have for decades, sued for grants to investigate them. Last [...]

Green and White: A Guide to Eco-Friendly Winter Sports

Skiing and snowboarding are fun, beautiful, healthy, exciting and sexy – really all that and a bag of chips. However it is obvious that these hipster pastimes, cause somewhat of an environmental threat – though fret [...]

Want a Discounted Vacation? Volunteer on an Organic Farm with WWOOF

Backpackers are known to have short budgets on road trips, but this is something new. It’s actually becoming trendy for European backpackers to visit farms on their journey, shovel manure, feed animals, and make butter thanks [...]

Summer Solstice Draws Crowds of Druids to Stonehenge

More than 30,000 Druids and curious spectators attended this year’s annual Summer Solstice ritual at the ancient Stonehenge monument in southern England. The event, which ushers in the summer solstice (when the longest day of year [...]

Natural health personalities hold Longevity Conference in Vilcabamba Ecuador

Many of you will recall our article about a region in the South American country Ecuador known as Vilcabamba or the Valley of Longevity. This modern day Shangri-la is once again being featured in natural and [...]

Ecuador’s Vilcabamba Valley of Longevity: A true modern Shangri-La

Ever since the book Lost Horizon by James Hilton was published in 1933, and the subsequent film which came out in 1937, people have been searching for a peaceful, utopian place on our beleaguered planet where [...]

Rations for Desert Trees

A new Dutch breakthrough invention makes it possible to reforest large desert and rocky areas on the planet in the coming years. Experiments in the Sahara desert have shown that the WaterBoxx allows trees to grow [...]

Natural Photos has a beautiful gallery section which features dazzling photos of natural landscapes. I took a bit of time to explore their photo sets, and I recommend you do the same as well. It’s inspiring. [...]

Is there such a thing as good radiation?

Well, we should always be careful when exposing ourselves to radiation! However, there are several spots on Earth where exposing ourselves to the sun’s radiation has become a healthy practice. One such spot is the Dead [...]