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USA Yoga Competition Brings Smiles and Body Postures

USA Yoga Competition Brings Smiles and Body Postures

Last month was the USA Yoga finales, lasting from Friday to Sunday evening, a full three days where hundreds of competitors from around the nation came up to compete, show off their Yoga stances, and try [...]

Coping with Stress

Learn what stress is, how it affects you, and how you can cope with it. What Is Stress View more presentations from judytafe. (tags: stress management) [...]

Daredevil’s Fall

Natural landscape is awe-striking! Look at this woman, lying on the edge of the waterfall shelf, held back by only a single hand. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME OUT OF THE HOME! [...]

Religion is Innate

Science has long confirmed that religious feelings are coded in our genes. In other words, our brains are pre-programmed to allow the experience of feelings such as elation, ecstasy, and selflessness. On the surface, this statement [...]

Most Visited Art Exhibition Ever

Gregory Colbert’s Ashes and Snow is an ongoing project that weaves together photographic works, 35mm films, art installations and a novel in letters. With profound patience and an unswerving commitment to the expressive and artistic nature [...]

Go on tour with Sami Takieddin

I came across this beautiful video art at Vimeo. It simply left me speechless. It also reminds me of the sort of footage you see on “Gladiator”. Sami, you may have a future in the film [...]

Kids Love Yoga Too

In today’s modern society, children are often under a lot of stress, both in school and afterwards. Whether it’s due to problems with homework, peer pressure (much of it financial or fashion oriented) or just ordinary [...]

Yoga During Pregnancy

One of the prime concerns of expectant mothers deals with what kind of exercise program is safe to practice pregnancy. A number of studies have been made concerning the practice of various forms of yoga during [...]

Happy New Year 2008 & Lots of Yoga

Wishing you our readers a happy New Year and a great 2008. I found this string of free Yoga videos from a great mobile video social network site called Hooqs. Enjoy in good health. [...]