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Storm Chasers

Being a professional storm chaser is such a dream job. The hugely popular movie “Twister” romanticized the profession back in the 90’s, and some people actually make a living out of chasing storms across the country. [...]

Towards the Horizon

National Geographic always knows how to deliver amazing photos and mesmerizing stories. It’s a feast to the eyes. [...]

Another Site Recommendation

Chelsea Green is a lovable Green website, which features great articles and interesting merchandise, such as the book “How the Rich are Destroying the Earth”. The site also has a community of blogs and their own [...]

Natural Photos has a beautiful gallery section which features dazzling photos of natural landscapes. I took a bit of time to explore their photo sets, and I recommend you do the same as well. It’s inspiring. [...]

Green Blogging

As a green blogger, I try to keep track as much as possible of other green blogs out there in the blogosphere. I recently started following a blog titled Groovy Green and I just wanted to [...]

Cool Down

Gartner Group estimates that 40 percent of all carbon dioxide emissions resulting from information technology and telecommunications are attributable to PCs. In other words, the electricity your computer consumes is attributing to global warming. Turn it [...]

Protect Your Liver and Save Your Life

Only within the past couple of decades has the importance of detoxification of the body been made aware to most people. And this process of detoxification is very important in the liver, the body’s main “filtering” [...]

Hybrid Cars Green Transportation Now

Global warming and the high price of crude oil has made the hybrid car an ecological innovation which is gaining immensely in popularity. For those who are not yet familiar with this new concept, a hybrid [...]

Vintage Roots – Organic Wines With a Difference

Organic wines, beers, and spirits have been gaining in popularity in recent years. Fermented or brewed to meet the dietary and taste requirements of the most discriminating organic products consumer, these products are appearing more and [...]

Health Matters Video

This is a 25 minute show on medical matters. [...]