Intelligence in Apes

Watch this. These beautiful creatures certainly deserve the right not to be tortured. It’s the very least. So I applaud Spain for their recent move.

Don’t mess with Tom Brokaw

The Discovery Channel has taken upon itself to collect all the facts about Global Warming. I think it’s a great initiative, and I recommend checking it out…

The Discovery Channel

Environmental Promises – Obama’s Turn

Presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama has a very progressive environmental policy. He strongly pushes forward the idea of renewable fuels, such as Cellulosic Ethanol. He’s also proposing a Cap Plan on carbon emissions, similar to Hillary’s proposal. Finally, he hopes to curb down 80% of the emissions by 2050 — a very ambitious objective.

Here, check out for yourself:

Something tells me he’s even more green-friendly than our own Kiki?!

Environmental Promises – Clinton’s Turn

Whoever wins the next American presidency will have to face daunting environmental issues. Now, all along the campaign trail, candidates throw promises in the air. But when the time comes, will he or she deliver?

One thing we could do to pressure the next US president to live up to his word — whatever that word may be — is to spread these promises to as many people as possible. Knowledge is power, and promises given to millions of people ain’t the same as promises given to a small group of people in a certain setting.

In short, my aim here is to make the candidates’ environmental policies as publicly known as possible, in order to make this issue a valid deciding factor when facing the ballot.

Today I’ll start with Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has just won the primary at Puerto Rico by a landslide margin. This is what she had to say a few months ago in New Hampshire:

If you want to look into her stance on the issue even further, you may be interested in reading Hillary Clinton’s Official Environmental Policy.

Finally 2010 – Is Fusion Man the New World?

Can this be the answer to congestion in the cities? Is this going to be the new mode of transport? I heard about this first on the Radio on the way to work and honestly could not picture it. Those jet engines he has strapped to his back can’t be eco friendly or good for global warming but it is intriguing. Imagine that the Fusion Man actually symbolizes a new direction in our evolution. I mean this actually gets close to what I imagined 2010 to be like.

This is from Reuters May 14 – Known as ‘Fusion Man’, a former pilot has stunned crowds by flying a jet-propelled wing for nearly ten minutes at a peak speed of 300 km/h (186 mph).

Yves Rossy, a Swiss former military pilot and Airbus commander for Swiss airlines completed an official demonstration on Wednesday (May 14, 2008) in the Swiss Chablais region, where he was released from a plane at 2438 metres (8000 feet) with his wing folded.

He deployed his craft after a short free-fall and began his flight. After a flight of almost ten minutes, he deployed his parachute, folded the wing and landed at the Bex airdrome.

Biodiesel Car and Algae Fuel – Video

Trying to find alternative fuels and improving the chances of our plant has become a growing concern with signs of stress showing all over the planet. We try to bring to light some news and clips that provide some alternatives and are hopeful. The field of Algae Fuel is one of those and we found this great clip.

First car powered by algal Biodiesel to demonstrate real-world driving at Sundance Solazyme, Inc., a synthetic biology company unleashing the power of aquatic microbes … MoreĀ»to create clean and scalable solutions for biofuel, industrial chemical, and health and wellness markets, today revealed the first ever algae-derived biodiesel fuel (Soladieselā„¢) to have undergone road testing by successfully powering a factory-standard automobile for long distances under typical driving conditions. The car and fuel will make their public debuts at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, where they are also featured in Fields of Fuel, Josh Tickell’s documentary about renewable fuels. Soladiesel biodiesel is clean, renewable, environmentally sustainable and scalable.

30888 Solazyme Unveils Renewable Biodiesel Derived From Algae ViClick here for the funniest movie of the week