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Save Your Skin From Skin Cancer This Summer

Save Your Skin From Skin Cancer This Summer

Summer is almost upon us and with it the increasing risks of contracting skin cancer, including the most deadly form melanoma. Increased loss of the earth’s ozone layer, together with more direct sunlight and global warming, [...]

Dr. Oz: The Anti-Aging Genius

American TV talk show host Oprah Winfrey often has health care experts on her day time programs who are specialists in helping people maintain good health. One of these professionals is Dr. Mehmet Oz, a cardiologist [...]

Banana a day keeps the depression away

Banana a day keeps the depression away

We are all familiar with the famous rhyme “an apple a day keeps the doctor away“. And well, it’s true! Apples are a great source for essential nutrients, such as B & C vitamins. But did [...]

Non-drying organic soap

The Bark tree has a very unique smell. This organic bark soap is extra refreshing while leaving your skin silky smooth. It’s sold at The Greater Green, where you can also find lots of other great [...]

Hemp Shampoo

For many years we’ve been accustomed to use soaps and shampoos that contain chemicals that damage our skin and damage the environment. These chemicals can be so dangerous sometimes, that most manufactures have to test their [...]

Ambrosia Essence and other Organic Skin Care Options

Some days I wonder if I am all alone in my quest for a cleaner planet. Then I find a kindred spirit or read an article and know that the collective consciousness is moving in the [...]

Tanning and Burning

Many people recall that song sung at the finale for the rock musical Hair: “Let The Sunshine In”. When going to the beach, an outdoor swimming pool, or even lying on your back porch sundeck, it [...]

The Miracle of Dead Sea Mud Treatment

Anybody who has visited one of the several health spas located at the Dead Sea, or has simply bathe in the sea’s highly saline waters, has surely seen people covering themselves with a black mud which [...]

Organic Soaps Shampoos and Shower Gels

Organic products not only include food and food supplements, but an exciting range of soaps, shampoos, and cleaning products as well. A wide variety of bio-friendly products are available, containing such natural ingredients as natural olive [...]