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Broccoli Linked to Reduction of Breast Cancer

Broccoli Linked to Reduction of Breast Cancer

As a child, you may have had those moments when your parents would not excuse you from the dinner table until you cleared all the vegetables off your plate. While vegetables are not exactly the best [...]

The Perfect Showerhead

Check out this shower head. Most water-saving showerheads save their water by pinching the output and increasing pressure. This shower head does two things. First, it squeezes the output, and it also adds air to the [...]

The Mooncup – Goodbye to Tampons and Pads!

As a male, it is a little strange for me to be writing this, but my wife insisted on giving it a whirl on the blog, since she’s so excited about the thing she wants other [...]

Divorce May Lead to Heart Disease

Apparently, divorce can be bad for your health. So can being widowed. So says Linda Waite, a sociologist at the University of Chicago. Leave it to sociologists to make such amazingly innovative observations. But here’s the [...]

Omega 3 Oils for Prostate Cancer

For all men with enlarged prostate glands, and especially those with early stages of prostate cancer, there may now be a treatment available that is relatively inexpensive and completely painless. In addition this same treatment will [...]

Blueberries for your mind

Blueberries are more than just a wonderful tasting fruit. They help improve our memory and delay the effects of aging. The beneficial properties of the berries of this plant, known by it’s Latin term of Cyanococcus [...]

Include Bananas in Your Health Food Diet

Although the advice of eating bananas has often been noted in information dealing with health and nutrition topics, there is a lot more to eating this fruit than many people are aware of .The advantages of [...]

Smart Ways For Muscle Building

Building body muscles requires more than just working out in a gym or health club. Experts in the field of sports medicine and nutrition generally agree that there are three important steps in body building for [...]

Successful Bodybuilding & Goal Setting

(Hat Tip: Fitness Muscle) Many people engage in the activity known as bodybuilding. The definition of the term refers to the goal of reaching maximum muscle tone and appearance which is accomplished by a combination of [...]

“Computer Neck” Shoulder Massage Techniques

Many people who sit long hours in front of a personal computer complain of pains in their neck, shoulders and forearms. Neck and shoulder pains used to be quite common among athletes and those who carry [...]