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Mattel’s Eco-Friendly Barbie House

Mattel’s Eco-Friendly Barbie House

This just in, Barbie is getting an eco-friendly dream house, after Mattel and the American Institute of Architects (AIA) unveiled the number one entry of the AIA Architect Barbie® Dream House™ Design Competition. Pimped out with [...]

Organic Plastic Conducting Electricity

Only a few weeks ago, we reported on the new technology of organic computers. Here’s something similar: organic plastic that conducts electricity. Why plastic? Because it’s cheaper, thinner, lighter, and faster than silicon. This technology is [...]

Printer Runs on Used Coffee Grinds, No Electricity

I can’t wait until this bad boy comes out. I’m getting my hands on one of these immediately. The thought of using old coffee and tea grinds to print my next paper gives a whole new [...]

Wet, Wet Air – Time to Take Out the Water

Worried by drought? Well, stop it. Put it this way. Have you ever noticed that when you put an ice-filled glass outside on a humid day, water starts appearing on the outside? This is humidity from [...]

Scanning Your Way To Better Health with Biophotonic Scanners

A lot of information is being shown these days relating to how products high in anti-oxidants are very beneficial to increased longevity and better health. A new medical scanning device, know as the Biophotonic Scanner, marketed [...]