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Let the Dead Sea Live

Let the Dead Sea Live

The water level in the Dead Sea is dropping nearly 4 feet (1.2 meters) per year. Israel is campaigning to have the Dead Sea – the earth’s lowest point and repository of precious minerals – named [...]

Climate Research in Israel’s Dead Sea

Recent research shows evidence of truth to the Sodom and Gomorrah story. Five miles out from the shore of the Dead Sea, near to the center of that mysterious body of water, an international team of [...]

Rations for Desert Trees

A new Dutch breakthrough invention makes it possible to reforest large desert and rocky areas on the planet in the coming years. Experiments in the Sahara desert have shown that the WaterBoxx allows trees to grow [...]

Salty Air Heals

There’s a new Asthma treatment gaining momentum in several countries, especially in Israel (home of the famous Dead Sea): Salt room therapy started in Eastern Europe, in mines. Miners with lung conditions noticed that they felt [...]

Is there such a thing as good radiation?

Well, we should always be careful when exposing ourselves to radiation! However, there are several spots on Earth where exposing ourselves to the sun’s radiation has become a healthy practice. One such spot is the Dead [...]

Earth Sightings

Natural phenomena never ceases to amaze me! I came across this article about a mysterious fireball falling down in the Middle East, a week after a similarly-looking meteor(?) was spotted in Los Angeles. How freaky is [...]

Receding Sea Levels in Dead Sea offer a chance for Renewable Energy

Environmental Architecture is a field that’s becoming more and more prevalent around the world. As our planet population constantly expands while available space is only getting more sparse, bold solutions are in dire need. One such [...]

The Miracle of Dead Sea Mud Treatment

Anybody who has visited one of the several health spas located at the Dead Sea, or has simply bathe in the sea’s highly saline waters, has surely seen people covering themselves with a black mud which [...]

Those Miraculous Dead Sea Cosmetics

The Dead Sea, the world’s lowest point on earth, contains a vast wealth of very beneficial minerals and other products. Known for years as being very beneficial for the healing of people with a number of [...]

Healing Properties of The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, located between Israel and Jordan, is an extremely saline inland sea, originally formed millions of years ago as a part of the great Syro-African Rift; which stretches from Israel’s northern border all the [...]