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Politicians Seek to Legalize Production of Hemp

Politicians Seek to Legalize Production of Hemp

Hemp has long been praised for its high fiber content. It is commonly found in food, supplements and even used as a natural agent for killing weeds. Its uses are many, and an amendment has now [...]

The Confusing State of Weed in the USA

The Confusing State of Weed in the USA

Christof Putzel is a “Vanguard” correspondent who is writing about the USA’s strange approach to dealing with an increasingly popular treatment for almost any ailment a patient can identify, watch “The War on Weed.” [...]

Reefer Madness

Reefer Madness

According to a recent Gallup poll, 50% of Americans are in favor legalizing marijuana. This is an all-time high. Actually these numbers are up from just 36% in 2006. There could be implications for national marijuana [...]

The Many Uses and History of Hemp in America

Here’s something that maybe not everyone knows. Hemp has been grown for at least the last 12,000 years for the use of its fibers, which are important for the manufacture of textiles and food. Since 1950, [...]

One Toke Over The Line Sweet Jesus

Yesterday morning, U.S. President Barack Obama issued a three page memo to the federal government, advising them on new guidelines for states which have medical cannabis patients, who are protected by law. The administration, which is [...]

Smoking Pot is Good for Old Peoples’ Bones

A fun new development – marijuana is apparently a potent drug in preventing osteoporosis in the elderly. This is exactly what we need. An army of thick-boned pot-smoking senior citizens roaming the alleys, sticking flowers in [...]

Holy Cow

This is one unique way to travel… [...]

This one takes real patience

Check out The Whispering Crane Institute. It’s a marvelous blog by professional landscape designer Rick Anderson. It has some truly unique photos. I would love to show them but they’re copyrighted. So just hop over to [...]

Satire: Cola to save the world

How could Coca Cola help our environment? The answer is simple: Cola is black. Oil is black. Can you imagine the possibilities? Environmental terrorists could silently pollute oil reserves with coca cola, therefore making people suspicious [...]

Love is in the air

Indulge yourself with the Hemp Love Seat. The Love Seat is tightly upholstered with sturdy 17oz. Hemp fabric and accent welting giving the Love Seat an incredible surface of interesting variations of natural hemp color and [...]