Plastic Debris

Plastic bag in ocean
I’ve recently read that a large amount of plastic debris has been piling up in the Pacific Ocean. We have literally turned the central Pacific Ocean into a sewer.

This plastic swamp is located in one of the most remote regions of the oceans. People standing on Hawaiian shores report to have seen nothing but plastic horizon. The problem is that we’re not actually dealing with a swamp size scale. This giant pool of plastic debris stretches over thousands of miles and reaches the size of Africa!

The plastic debris is comprised of our usual daily junk – plastic bags, plastic bottles, lighters, etc. According to recent reports by the United Nations Environmental Program, there are about 50,000 pieces of plastic debris floating on the surface of every square mile of the ocean. Unfortunately, this is not an exaggeration.

Hazard to Marine Life:

A research expedition that has ventured on a 7,500 miles voyage has found strong evidence that this ugly plastic contamination poses a severe threat to marine life. The loss of living species often starts a dangerous chain effect that decreases natural biodiversity.

There is only one long-term solution – to reduce plastic production and change our consumption habits.

Evidently, this toxic soup of our industrial byproducts is unprecedented. This is surely a recipe for the next ecological disaster.

Picture by: Daily Mail

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