PreCrea All Natural Blood Sugar Levels Reduction

PreCreaLocated in our pancreas are cell clusters called the Islets of Langerhans. About 60% of these cells, called Beta Cells, are designed to transform sugar into glycogen, which is basically a chain of sugars that your body can store away out of the blood and into the liver for energy reserves. The Beta Cells do this by secreting a hormone we know as insulin. If these cells start malfunctioning and can’t produce enough, then sugar stays in the blood and can’t be stored. Then the sugar starts damaging the organs and causes a whole slough of problems. The disease is called diabetes.

Nobody knows all the reasons why Beta Cells sometimes just conk out on us, but we do know that genetics coupled with overtaxing the cells has a lot to do with it. Meaning, a high sugar diet with little exercise can make your cells burn out. Luckily, there are warning signs before this happens. First, they start getting tired and produce less insulin. This condition is known as Pre-diabetes. If diagnosed early, steps can be taken to reenergize the cells and prevent full blown diabates from setting in.

PreCrea, a new herbal supplement, is one of these steps. It’s a twice-daily botanical cocktail designed to treat pre-diabates from three directions. First, one of its active ingredients, pterocarpus marsupium, actually helps protect and regenerate Beta Cells so the can produce more insulin. Second, cinnamon, another PreCrea herb, contains a chemical that functions as a copy of insulin. Third, Bitter Melon and Gurmar help prevent the absorption of sugars from the small intestine, so there’s actually less sugar for your Beta Cells to deal with, lightening their load.

And of course, if there’s less sugar in your body, you lose weight, which is another effect of PreCrea. As of now, it can be ordered by mail from their website. It has no known side effects as all ingredients are natural. So even if you don’t have pre-diabetes, nothing bad will happen to you. But you still might want to get diagnosed first.


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