Protect Your Liver and Save Your Life

liverOnly within the past couple of decades has the importance of detoxification of the body been made aware to most people. And this process of detoxification is very important in the liver, the body’s main “filtering” organ and one that is vitally necessary for survival. As we get older, accumulated toxins from the foods we eat (especially fried and “junk foods”) as well as taking abusive substances such as alcohol. What many people are not aware of is that the liver can be “cleaned” of detoxified by consuming a number of common plant products that are easily obtainable and cost very little. Some of these products are noted here as follows:

Curcumin is a common spice with a yellowish appearance that is used to flavor a number of foods, especially Mediterranean and oriental dishes. This spice contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents that act as “cleaning compounds” on both the liver and the gall bladder, that smaller organ the produces the bile so vital to digestion and proper liver function. By using curcumin on a regular basis, both your gall bladder and liver will benefit, and will enable the liver to properly manufacture bile acids which are then stored in the gall bladder for later use. A properly functioning liver and gall bladder will prevent the formation of gall stones, which can occur when the bile stagnates in the gall bladder.

Grapefruit contains an antiseptic-like substance that reduces toxic substances often found in the liver, including a chemical known as acetaminophen (found in analgesics like Tylenol) and proven to be very damaging to the liver if used in large amounts. Grapefruit also has other benefits including preventing the formation of kidney stones and for reducing cholesterol levels in the blood.

is a flavonoid that is found in a number of citrus fruits including grapefruit. Use of quercitin also helps reduce toxins in the liver and is also very effective against various forms of cancers, including skin and prostate cancer. Large quantities of quercitin is also found in apples, onions, berries such as raspberries and cranberries, and in the fruit of the prickly pear cactus.

N-acety-L-cysteine (NAC)
is a powerful antioxidant that is partially found in high-protein foods, as well as in capsule form. NAC is considered great liver detoxifier and helps increase the body’s natural level of glutathione, a powerful anti-toxic agent in the body.

is an a-amino acid that is essential in proper food digestion as well as reducing toxins in the liver and other organs. High levels of methionine can be found in sesame seeds, Brazil nuts, fish, meats, and some other plant seeds, as well as in spinach, potatoes, and boiled corn.

Perhaps the most important aspect of keeping a healthy liver is simply by avoiding substances like excessive alcohol and acetaminophen, both of which are excessively damaging to the liver. Keeping your liver “clean” and healthy will not only make you feel good, but will prolong your life as well.