Receding Sea Levels in Dead Sea offer a chance for Renewable Energy

Environmental Architecture is a field that’s becoming more and more prevalent around the world. As our planet population constantly expands while available space is only getting more sparse, bold solutions are in dire need.

Phu Hoang Design

One such futuristic solution comes from New York-based architect Phu Hoang. His architecture firm is aiming to tackle the issue of the receding water level at the Dead Sea. This famous salt lake is the world’s lowest point, and is situated between Israel and Jordan in the Middle East. This hot region isn’t blessed with lots of fresh water, and Hoang’s suggestion explains how the Dead Sea offers the opportunity to desalinate fresh water, made available for both Israel and Jordan, while luring tourists from around the world.
Dead Sea Potential Resources

They key to his plan lies in the fact that the receding water levels reveal new land patches that aren’t claimed by any country, and can thus be referred to as “No Man’s Land”. He proposes to construct artificial archipelago in this No Man’s Land, which will transform the humid air into drinkable water.

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