Ridding yourself of excess stomach fat

Many people living in Western countries, especially North America and the U.K., have problems with excess fat around the midriff or stomach. While this common problem is often referred to humorously as having a “love hold” or a “spare tire”, too much body fat pushing on your heart can be dangerous and even fatal in the long run. Some people go the extreme to solve this problem by expensive (and dangerous) surgical procedures, such as “tummy tucks” and liposuction. There are much easier and safer ways to lose excess belly fat; and a proper, healthy diet is one of the best. As many people consume too much food high in unhealthy ingredients, try changing your daily diet by following these simple eating tips:

A. Eat a daily diet of whole grains and fresh vegetables, such as broccoli, lettuce and cabbage, carrots, whole wheat and rice, and tomatoes. It is preferable to eat organic vegetables, if available, but non-organic ones are all right if washed thoroughly to remove impurities and pesticides.

B. Avoid excess carbohydrates, which add plenty of pounds and are often found in “junk foods” like potato chips or fries, pizza, etc. Avoid commercial “white” breads which are high in additives and gluten. Eat only whole grain breads in limited quantities.

C. Eat fish (which is high in proteins and low in cholesterol) and poultry instead of beef and other “red” meats. When eating poultry, choose naturally grown “free-running” poultry over commercial cage raised ones, as natural poultry have little or no added vitamins and growth stimulants, or antibiotics.

D. Exercise is the best weight loss method, as simply changing one’s diet won’t help if a conscientious exercise program is not done. You don’t have to join an expensive gym or health club as exercising can be done at home and in your neighborhood. A brisk 30 minute walk every day will do wonders to remove belly fat; and exercise burns off body fat and calories. Don’t eat a meal loaded with carbohydrates after a workout, as this will negate any benefits gained by the workout.

All of the above tips will help considerably in removing unwanted belly and other body fats and will make a big difference to your figure in the long run.

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