Scanning Your Way To Better Health with Biophotonic Scanners

A lot of information is being shown these days relating to how products high in anti-oxidants are very beneficial to increased longevity and better health. A new medical scanning device, know as the Biophotonic Scanner, marketed by a known multilevel marketing company, is alleged to be able to measure the amounts of anti-oxidants in your body which help slow down the ‘aging process’ in body cells, and can add as much as 10 years to a person’s normal lifespan.

For those who not aware, anti-oxidants are defense mechanisms against elements known as “free radicals” – those harmful agents found in air pollution, radioactive microwave and cell phone emissions, X-Rays, and even from sunlight (now more present than ever). To give an example of how free radicals react on human cells, place a sliced apple on a dish and within an hour it will already begin to turn brown. That process, as well as rust on iron and corrosion on other metals is known as oxidation and is the same destructive process that occurs in you body and causes deterioration of body cells, leading to old age and death.

By placing your hand on the bio-phonetic scanner, it measures in an instant your body’s anti-oxidant defense level, which in a healthy person should read about 40,000 carotene antioxidant molecules per scan. Carotene is a substance which causes certain vegetables to have their natural color; like carrots, for example. Stored in the body, carotenes produce certain essential vitamins, such as vitamin A, which are essential to good health. These carotenes are one of the main ingredients of anti-oxidants, which protect your body cells like lemon juice keeps an open apple from changing color.

Smokers and people who are exposed to heavy air pollution, including industrial pollution, auto emissions, etc., have much lower levels of carotene antioxidant molecules in their bodies, usually between 12,000 and 16,000 per scan. People who are very sick with chronic and terminal illnesses, may have practically no carotene anti-oxidants at all!

While the Biophotonic Scanner is a useful tool for measuring a person’s present anti-oxidant level it is unfortunately being used in order to market high price dietary and vitamin supplements, which are being claimed to be of much better effectiveness than what is normally available in pharmacies and health products stores. One can find products with virtually the same ingredients, at a much lower price, by simply going to a good quality health supplements store or pharmacy and seeking their advice for purchasing a good quality dietary supplement product which contains a full range of multi-vitamins and essential minerals.