Should Vitamins Be Regulated?

Should Vitamins Be Regulated?Vitamins and weight control supplements have been offered to people for many years now. The virtual “flood” of these products make them available in drugstores, health and fitness products stores (including mall chain stores like GNC), and by a myriad of internet and multilevel marketing companies. Vitamin products, ranging from lower priced ‘house brands’ found in chain drug stores (Wallgreens, Eckerds, etc.) as well as in discount merchandising stores like Target and Wallmart, offer multivitamin products that claim to not only provide much more that the body’s daily vitamin requires, but aid in helping the body lose or gain weight as well.

Each year in America and other Western countries, a number of deaths occur which can be traced to over consumption of vitamin supplements, combined with alcohol and use of over-the-counter medications, including amphetamines and anti-depressant medications. In addition, many people are taking high priced vitamins and food supplements which are sold by multilevel marketing hucksters, that are not only very expensive (due to so many ‘associates’ involved in the MLM ‘pyramid’), but potentially dangerous as well. Many vitamin supplements sold by both MLM companies, as well as over the internet, are made by foreign manufactures who may not be properly regulated in their own countries (usually with much lower standards that American products which are FDA controlled) but may have not been regulated properly in the U.S.A. as well.

Recent television consumer awareness programs have said that many Americans spend as much as $500 or more per month on these products, consumer as many as 20 different pills and capsules per day! Not only is there much doubt as whether these products actually do all they claim to do to maintain one’s good health, the over-consumption of vitamin and mineral supplements may actually create toxins within one’s own body that could lead to heart and liver failure, as well as a number of other
physical problems – many of them potentially fatal.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA for short) is trying to create legislation that will require more government regulation of these products, include who can legally purchase them. In addition to providing more regulation these products, the FDA is interested in making sure that people have more complete information involving the potential side effects or even poisoning from over consumption of vitamins and food supplements.

It is advisable to consult your family doctor in order to determine what types and quantities of these products you can safely consume, as well as any potential dangers. This especially true for persons suffering from a chronic medical condition, including high blood pressure, diabetes, and various allergies that are potentially serious, and even fatal .

While it’s great to try to improve your personal health by taking these products, like many things, they should be taken moderately and with an element of caution. After all, only one person is going to take care of you personal health, and that’s you, yourself.