Smart Ways For Muscle Building

Building body muscles requires more than just working out in a gym or health club. Experts in the field of sports medicine and nutrition generally agree that there are three important steps in body building for muscles that not only look good but give your body power as well. These three steps are planned and intelligent work outs, including weight lifting, proper nutrition, and adequate and proper sleep.

First of all, in work outs and weight lifting, a work out plan should be drawn up in advance with consultation from an experienced supervisor or trainer. The plan should include progressive exercises according a person’s age, present weight and height, and overall fitness goal. This plan can be changed or amended as the program progresses, and care must be made not to overdo it in the beginning as the damage to both muscles and connecting tissue can be very harmful. The progress should be gradual and reports should be made to indicate changing fitness status, progress made, etc.

Nutrition is not less important and a proper diet to benefit the workout program should be carefully planned. Certain foods containing sufficient proteins and energy building carbohydrates (carbs) should be consumed both before and after the workout. Following an intensive weight lifting and workout session, foods and food supplements containing protein derivatives are vital to nourish muscles and other tissues that have been strained and even damaged during the workout. The proper diet required can be worked out with the aid of an experienced expert on sports and fitness nutrition.

Sleep is often referred to as “nature’s great restorer”. A sufficient amount of sleep, usually between 7 and 8 hours is important for helping to restore tissues that are broken down during a strenuous workout session or from athletic competition. If this amount of sleep is difficult due to a person’s daily schedule, then emphasis on “quality sleep time” should be, including taking catnaps during the day. Many sport’s trainers agree that even a 30 minute mid-day nap can be very beneficial if done properly and without any distractions.

Contrary to what many people believe, it is possible to achieve a desired body muscle fitness program without having to resort to taking supplements that may be considered illegal in many sports and body building competition. All that’s required is to simply make a sensible plan using the three steps already mentioned and stick with it until the desired results are reached.

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