Stephen Colbert Gives His Weather Report

With a snowstorm blanketing the Northeast and much of the country this winter, deniers of global warming jumped at the opportunity to disprove Al Gore. A large number of these deniers were over at Fox News. And those deniers found themselves the butt of jokes by Stephen Colbert, on his show over the weekend.

After showing clips of Fox News correspondents explaining that the weather is burying Al Gore’s “hysterical” theories, Colbert joined in on the silly logic, deeming it

“simple observational research: whatever just happened is the only thing that is happening.”

Using the same rationale as Fox News, Colbert could not help but point out that, due to it being nighttime, the city was covered in darkness.

“Based on this latest data, we can only assume that the sun has been destroyed.”

Who’s to blame for this “forever-night”? Gore, of course.

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