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Al Gore Does It Again

Al Gore Does It Again

The time has come for the world to face the impending realities of climate change. That is the message which was expressed by Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, that recently launched called “24 Hours of Reality.” [...]

Natural Separation: Al & Tipper The Gores No Longer

Environmental news is an all-embracing category – and so it needs to be in order to sustain longevity of popular interest and legitimacy even. Hey we can’t count emissions all day and expect that people won’t [...]

Donald Tries to Trump Gore, Meets Bill at the Gates of Truth

Donald Trump is in the green news today. The billionaire wants the Nobel Committee to strip former Vice President Al Gore of his Nobel Peace Prize. Trump reportedly told a country club crowd of 500 that [...]

Stephen Colbert Gives His Weather Report

With a snowstorm blanketing the Northeast and much of the country this winter, deniers of global warming jumped at the opportunity to disprove Al Gore. A large number of these deniers were over at Fox News. [...]

We Didn’t Mean Green As A Double Entendre

In 1975 the United States government pushed something which they called “the coming ice age.” “The Weather Conspiracy” was a book published by Random House and written by 18 authors who lived a spitting distance away [...]

Just Chilling Out

Coinciding with President Obama’s pushing of a brand new climate bill, certain specific evidence, concerning global cooling, is being rejected by statisticians. I know, I know, it’s enough to make you want to scream! Even global [...]

Roll Back the Specter of a Warming Planet

Image via Wikipedia It wasn’t Al Gore who said this. No, it was President Barack Obama who uttered these brave words during his Inaugural Address: With old friends and former foes, we will work tirelessly to [...]

Al Gore claims North Pole will be gone in 5 years

Is he out of his mind? Or is it a simple scientific truth? Al Gore was visiting Germany last week, and during a speech in the opening ceremony of a Dinosaur Park, he clearly stated that [...]

2009: Climate Change is Still Controversial!

Only one more year to go before we wrap up the first decade of the third millennia. Al Gore, who lost the presidency in 2000, has since become a fierce advocate of Global Warming. He has [...]

Environmental Promises – Sarah Palin’s Turn

Sarah Palin stunned the nation when chosen to be McCain’s running mate. Since then, many people have become passionate about her, whether in supporting her or in verbally attacking her. Caroline Howe reveals this in her [...]