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Brazil Presents a “Sweeter Alternative”

Brazil – a country which has done more than any other nation to replace oil with ethanol – is ready to ramp up production of its sugarcane-based fuel, a sweet solution it hopes to market around [...]

Coming Soon To a Gas Station Near You: E15

Give your automobile an adult cocktail! The Environmental Protection Agency will approve the ethanol blend, E15, for cars in the 2007 model year. This is a result of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, [...]

Israel’s Hunt for Oil Alternatives

Largely brought on by obvious security incentives, the Jewish Country in the Middle East, Israel is uniquely poised to become a world leader in the field of alternatives to oil. Last year, around the time of [...]

Energizing Brew

A new facility in the UK, Adnams Bio Energy anaerobic digestion plan, using brewery waste and local food waste will begin producing renewable gas which can be used as liquid fuel among other things. Working in [...]

Natural Gas Gold

While all of the world leaders will be gathering in Copenhagen this week for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, to come up with new and creative ways to reduce climate-altering emissions and make plans for [...]

Effectively Replacing Petroleum

I need not strain myself by explaining that people and governments are both stubborn when it comes to going green. Global warming is nearly an impossible sell and as for energy, well, “if it ain’t cheap, [...]

Not Just a Piece of Scum

The race is on to find a way to mass produce affordable fuel from pond algae. Sound strange? Here’s the scoop: Factors such as fluctuating oil prices and the hopes of easing climate change have caused [...]

Mazda Premacy, a Hydrogen Hyrbid

The Mazda Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid. It is touted as the most advanced minivan ever created. You can put either gasoline it, or hydrogen, doesn’t matter which. (Different tanks. Can’t mix gasoline and hydrogen in the [...]

Nissan Turns a New Leaf

Looks like the world is waking up from it’s gasoline gorging party. Slowly, but surely. The latest step happened just today, with Nissan’s unveiling of its 2010 Leaf. (Get the title now?) It’s a cute little [...]

Obama’s Ambitious Energy and Environment Plans

U.S. President Barack Obama may still be trying to sort out the American economy, but he hasn’t gone back on his promise to use his executive powers and influence to develop renewable energy programs as well [...]