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The Problem with British Jelly Fish

A foray of jellyfish into a cooling water pond at a Scottish nuclear power plant kept its nuclear reactors offline last Wednesday, a phenomenon that could become more common in the future. Two reactors at EDF [...]

Chinese Pandas

China is about to engage in a once-every-ten-year count of giant pandas living in the wild. The official China Daily reported that upwards of sixty trackers are being trained at Wanglang National Reserve in the southwestern [...]

The Problem with Camels

Recently, the Australian government proposed that killing camels should be an officially recognized means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The country down under has the world’s largest wild camel population; an estimated 1.2 million – and [...]

Wasp Game Ant Game

Scientists in New Zealand did an experiment with wild insects that studied the common wasp, an alien invader to the island country, competing for food with the native ant species Prolasius advenus. When the wasp approached [...]

Old World and New World Monkeys

Feel insecure? You’re not alone. Monkeys too are inflected with uncertainty and self-doubt. Professor Michael Beran and John David Smith trained macaques, the Old World group (native to Asia, Africa, and Europe), to play a computer [...]

The Mystery of the Egyptian Jackal

Egyptian conservationists have discovered a new species of wolf sharing DNA with Himalayan and Indian cousins. The “Egyptian jackal” however, despite the similarities, is actually not a jackal. The discovery of this new species may shed [...]

Two-Headed Cow

A farmer in northern Egypt claims that his cow has given birth to a two-headed calf. He calls this a “divine miracle.” Sobhy el-Ganzoury said that it took two hours and a whole lot of pulling [...]

Bellyful of Chinook: Sea Lions on Death Row

Wildlife officials have tried everything to keep sea lions from eating endangered salmon, dropping bombs that explode under water and firing rubber bullets and bean bags from shotguns and boats. Now it has come to issuing [...]

Food Buffs on Your Honey Moon, This One’s for You

I found this list floating around that was just too…unique to pass up. Recommended foods to eat “just once before you die”, or in my words, to serve to your loved on as a once-in-a-lifetime gift. [...]

Giant Rat Discovered in Papua New Guinea

32.2 inches from nose to tail and weighing around three and a half pounds. That’s almost a yard long. 10 of those and you’ve almost got yourself a fist down. The discovery was made by a [...]