Boutique Hotels The Cut Above

Tired of spending your hard earned money and quality vacation time at a plastic hotel “mega hotel” in Vegas or in Cancun? Then try something different on your next holiday outing; a boutique hotel or holiday resort. Boutique or “concept” hotels are small hotels specializing in giving more personal service as well as special food menus and are often based on a certain type of theme or concept, hence the term concept hotels. Formerly known as Bed and Breakfast hotels, these charming places usually have anywhere from 10 to 100 rooms depending on the hotel’s location and what type of theme or concept it is trying to offer their guests. Since many of these hotels are truly works of art, and are set in some of the most captivating natural beauty spots in the world, more and more people are being drawn to stay in them in order to have a quieter, more natural type of holiday.

Boutique HotelsMany of these establishments serve menus tailored for those seeking natural or organic types of food, including those who request strict vegetarian (vegan) menus. Others have menus to conform to religious doctrines, such as Halal (for Muslims) or Strictly Kosher for Orthodox Jews.

Though the idea is not new by any means, the concept of offering a differing kind of hotel experience and holiday resort began to take shape in the 1960’s when many people became tired of staying a the large “Hilton” and “Holiday Inn” type of hotels where décor and amenities became standardized and personal service a thing of the past.

Some locations, including England and European countries also had quaint inns and small “B & B” hotels which could quickly be turned into boutique hotels. This also held true for tropical locations such as Thailand and Mexico; and as a result, one can find boutique hotels are now found in many countries around the world, and in some of the most popular tourist destinations. Whether one desires a picturesque lake shore location, a secluded beach front or tropical isle, or a desert of jungle surrounding, by accessing web sites dealing with such places, or simply inquiring at your favorite travel office, it is easy to pick out the most suitable boutique hotel to suit both your vacation aspirations and your pocketbook.

When entering such an establishment, the first thing usually noticed is the lovely and quaint combination of furnishing and decor. From the outset, one can see that this is no ordinary hotel, and this is usually followed up by a personal type of service that most people only have known about by seeing old motion picture films from the 1930’s and ’40s.

Those looking for a particular type of vacation “package” and readily find it at one of these hotels or resorts. Whether it be a vacation involving golf, tennis, boating and yachting, fishing, or just plain relaxing and beach combing, the right combination is readily obtainable. And some of these hotels may even be within an hour’s drive from where you live.

The Beauty of Body Art

Picture Credit Eva: Artists Online

The Beauty of Body ArtBody art, as compared to normal tattooing, involves using the human body as the basis for various forms of art. Many body art creations are so intricate and creative that they are exhibited in special art exhibitions. Often the person on which the designs have been painted is none other than the artist him/herself. As contrasted to permanent tattooing, body paint is removable, although care must be given not to have the model wear paints that clog the skin pores and keep it from “breathing”.

Body art in one form or another has been in existence for as long as the human race.
Modern examples of body art include people being painted in various art designs prior to their participation in festive activities such as the Carnival celebrations which take place in countries like Brazil prior to the pre-Easter period of Lent.

In many body art creations, the model is entirely nude, and the artist paints intricate patterns and designs on the model’s body, including pictures and even facsimiles of clothing. Body art festivals are held in many countries annually and prizes are awarded for the most original or intricate art creations. Many primitive societies, such as those found in Africa, South America, and Australia still practice body art for religious ritualistic purposes.

Some forms of body art can be physically damaging, as per the example of body painting that can clog skin pores. Other types of body art can actually burn the skin, such as with the use of extreme exposure to the sun, use of implements that burn the skin and hair, and the use of abrasive or acidic chemicals.

Body art is often done in conjunction with other forms of art expression, including music, dance, and with various props t accentuate the body art designs. Body art in te form of tattoos can be very intricate and beautiful; but these who agree to them must realize that they are “wed” to the design for life, since removing them is much more involved that a simple tattoo

Body art and tattoo conventions, such as the Body Art Expo held in Pomono California; features more than 300 artists and draws thousands of visitors. Some of the most intricate, and bizarre, designs and body paintings are on display there. Similar exhibitions are held in other locations, including San Francisco and Denver, Colorado.

Tattoos An Expression of Personality

Tattoos and other similar forms of body art have been in existence as long as the human race. Artwork from ancient Sumerian and Egyptian tombs indicate that the art was already well established during the 2nd millennium B.C.E. While much of this lifetime body adornment has been for religious and similar purposes, it has also been a form of art and even beauty for many, especially in more modern times.

Modern tattoo art came into its own during both world wars when both sailors and soldiers of many countries had tattoos inscribed on their bodies, usually on their forearms and shoulders. Many lonesome military personnel often had the names of their sweethearts inscribed on them, along with various romantic symbols. Some guys, especially sailors in both naval and merchant marine fleets went even farther and had tattoos of either partially of fully nude women, often with a name of a girl friend or famous film star, drawn onto their bodies.

Women as well as men have had tattoos put on literally all parts of their bodies, sometimes in the most “interesting” places. While most women’s tattoos are smaller and less revealing than men’s that is not always the case; and some “illustrated” women have the most intricate designs drawn on large sections of their physique.

Once done in what were known as tattoo parlors, often in sleazy or run down neighborhoods, tattoo emporiums can now be found even in the most upscale areas. Many Hollywood movie stars have tattoos, and some of these designs have even caused the actor or actress to gain more popularity. The art is no longer the exclusive adornment for sailors or bikers (motorcycle gang members), but is now even popular with men and women of the highest economic strata. There are tattoo societies, forums, magazines and conclaves, where recent developments in the art are portrayed and discussed, and new designs are shared. Tattoo conventions take place annually in many American states as well as in countries all over the globe.

Costs of having tattoos applied vary considerably, and depend of the intricacy of the design, including how many colors are used, and where the tattoo is done. Many tourists to countries such as India and Thailand wind up having tattoos made due to their low costs in these countries.

A word of caution, though. Tattoos done in unsanitary conditions can result in serious infections which can lead to complications, such as a condition known as M.S.R.A., Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, which often results after having a tattoo applied in unsanitary conditions and can cause serious skin diseases and even death. It is most important that strict hygienic measures be taken care of, including proper cleansing of the area where the tattoo is to be applied, since it does involve piercing the skin with a needle-like applicator.

Tattoo Magazine and other similar monthly and bi-monthly periodicals keep tattoo aficionados up on latest news and information on upcoming events. This information is also available though numerous internet websites.

Feng Shui at Home and Office

Feng Shui, or wind-water, is an ancient Chinese philosophy that is centered around making a harmonious balance between Man and the natural elements. This philosophy, which is said to have been in existence even longer than the sayings of Confucius, believes in the concept of living in harmony with the earth’s natural forces instead of trying to oppose them. In China and other eastern countries, many businesses or new homes will not be occupied until a Feng Sui practitioner is invited to come and make sure that items such as furniture, plants and other greenery are arranged in a an order that is most compatible with the natural elements.

The Five Elements of Feng Shui are wood, fire, metal, earth and water, and each element in represented by a particular color. Fire is red color and is usually located in the south. Water is black color and is located in the north. Wood is green color and is located in the east. Metal is either a white or gold color and is located in the west. Earth, the last element, is yellow and located in the center.

In a house for instance the location of doors and windows are important for allowing the maximum admission of natural light and air circulation. Other things such as lamps, paintings and pictures, and even the colors of walls and ceiling should be coordinated to create a more pleasant and light filled effect. In Feng Shui, importance is made towards the creation of happy, pleasant surroundings, which will help to create the same feeling in the lives of those who live there. This concern for pleasant effect in the environment results in making sure that doors and mirror are positioned properly and that certain rooms will have green plants, while other rooms will have flowers or other symbols of natural beauty. Colors representing the previously mentioned Five Elements are arranged in each room according to the items placed there and their appropriate directions.

In Feng Shui there are two main energy forces, Chi (chee) which is a spiritual or supernatural force, and Sha which is a nard of natural energy. As these energy forces are constantly opposing each other with both “good” and “bad” energy, the arrangement of items in rooms, plus the positions of doors are important in respect to which energy force is dominant and thus controls our lives. It is almost as if one is talking about electromagnetic fields or other forces that can have an effect on the balance of harmony in our lives. For example, if a door is not positioned properly, or is left open unnecessarily, Feng Shui philosophy will say that this supposedly insignificant thing can upset the balance between our Chi and Sha energy fields.

Not All Is Sunshine in Sunny Utah

The American state of Utah, long known as a place of natural beauty and varied winter sports activities, is also known a home for several companies who market a wide range of health and personal care products for a network known as Multi-level Marketing, or MLM for short.

At least two of these companies are based in the city of Provo Utah, located about 30 miles south of the capital, Salt Lake City. These companies employ literally thousands of distributing sales associates, who market in their company’s products on a “pyramid” sales bases in which each independent distributor is expected to ‘recruit’ a number of other people to be on his ‘team’. The idea of this technique is that, in theory anyway, the initial recruiter will receive a portion of the commissions that each team member earns, and so on, as long as other associates manage to recruit new distributors as well. As in all such marketing schemes, the few at the top are the ones who benefit most from this way of selling.

While this may sound good to potential new sales people, it doesn’t always work out as planned. Besides, with so many hands in the ‘pie’ it makes the cost of the products they sell much higher than comparative products sold in regular chain pharmacies and health products stores.

The activities surrounding the way these companies promote their products, and subsequent profits made by the ones sitting on top of the pyramid have resulted in company activities being investigated by U.S. government authorities as a result of allegations that not all revenues and subsequent profits are being accurately reported to tax and revenue authorities; and that end of the year profit and loss statements may have been tampered with. These activities are nothing new in American business, however, as recent scandals involving such well known corporate entities as Enron and WorldCom wound in the federal bankruptcy courts, and their top corporate officers tried and convicted of massive fraud.

Still, because of the way the pyramid sales companies operate, their activities have recently attracted the attention of “the revenue boys”, and once such company, with a marketing distribution force of over 600,000, is particularly under scrutiny for omission of large sums of money from its annual revenue report. The investigation has become so intense that the company’s former auditor resigned rather than be suspected of complacency.

Many of these companies have shares sold on the public stock exchanges such as the NYSE and NASDAQ. With agencies as the Security and Exchange Commission, the top federal regularity agency dealing in shares sold to the general public, and threatening to suspend trading in these company’s shares, the situation involving ‘omissions’ may be quite serious indeed.

This means that these companies are selling an inferior product, when in fact most of their products are of good quality. What it does mean is that these companies had better get their act together if they want to continue to keep operating.

‘Royal’ Nutrition and Health Care

Many people are aware of the natural health benefits of Royal Jelly; that mysterious substance that bees feed to young aspiring Queen embryos. Not everyone is aware of an improved formula, based on this magical elixir, with added beneficial ingredients, and used to treat a variety of disorders, as well as boosting people’s immune system, and even treating hair growth in adults.

Manufactured under the Irena product name, these products have helped thousands of people, particularly children, to treat a variety of childhood illness, as well as booster the brain’s learning capacity, and promote mental alertness. Irene Stein, who has been living in Israel for more than 35 years, became interested in the health and nutritional qualities of Royal Jelly, and has subsequently turned this interest into a very successful health and nutritional products concern, Irena Ltd. The products her company manufactures have become so successful, that people worldwide are swearing to the health benefits they receive from her ‘little bottles’ of Royal Jelly mixture, as well as other related products.

The benefits of Royal Jelly have been known since ancient times. But Irene as gone many steps further by combining this natural cure-all with other special herbs and healthful ingredients such as glutamic acid – nature’s ‘brain food’; a whole array of vitamins, and aluminum, reputed to be helpful for treating children with learning disorders, such as dyslexia. The benefits of Irene’s products are not confined only to children, but adults as well; even geriatrics suffering from arthritis and other advanced age problems, including senility. People who have used these products into middle age and beyond are not only healthier, but look younger as well.

It’s almost as if Irene has ‘discovered’ the Fountain of Youth through her development of these health care products. By taking them as small children, people will improve their entire immune system, as well as increase their natural mental learning capacities. The dietary supplement enclosed in these ‘little bottles’ is a natural, honey flavored liquid free of any ‘additives’ or preservatives. For less than $ 2.00 per day, you can discover the amazing effects that Irena’s ‘beauty from within’ products will have on your overall health and well being.